I think of all the possible ways that the water can seep into the walls, through the ceiling, and onto the floor

Close the windows, lock the doors, pull down the blinds.

Do you ever think about the sound the rain makes?

If you walk away,

the tapping on the roof slowly fades away

So does the rain still make a sound if no one is there to hear it?

The smell of rain makes me want to curl up in bed

Blast the heater

and take a nap

Have someone to hold

Have someone hold me

Binge watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I hate the moisture in the air

The dampening of my bedsheets

The dampening of my mood

Dark, grey clouds suck the life out of my lungs

Feels like I got a soggy soul

Should I get up and go to class

Or should I do what I want and just stay in bed

Guess I'll just suck it up and get up

Be a human being today

Put on a hat, pull up my hood, and tighten the drawstrings

If I can't see them, they can still see me

but at least I can't see them

Do other people's gazes ever feel

the way a cold breeze pierces your cheeks

Or trying to walk through Midtown

feels like the looming clouds overhead are closing in even tighter

Sometimes I like to blend in with the crowd

Other days I'm a celebrity

Either way, don't look me in the eyes

Days without sunshine

Are days I can't seem to find my myself

Can you stand the rain?

Can you stand the pouring rain

that soaks your jeans and socks


I have the urge to be in the rain and let it shower over me

I wonder what the pouring rain would feel like on my face

All over my body

I bet it would tickle as it dripped off my fingertips

I wanna know what it feels like to stand in an empty lot

with the lights and buildings reflecting off the wet pavement

I was looking forward to seeing you yesterday

I'm looking forward to seeing you today

I miss you

But I think it's just the weather