I don’t believe I can go through one day without using the question “what if?” What if I went to law school? What if I decided to join the Air Force? What if I followed my dream of becoming a surgeon? So many possibilities that it’s difficult not to ask that two word question.

I sit around sometimes questioning every move I’ve ever made. What if I played a different sport, what if I did that dare three years ago, what if I attended a different university or wore different socks on my first day of school? These questions constantly sprinting in and out of my head like a marathon. Most days I feel like I’ve managed to stumble my way through life and end up on the other side with only a few scrapes and bruises.

Asking this question is a way for us to express our hidden desires without actually thinking of them as reality. It’s a way for us to become the person we’ve always wanted to be. If you’re like me, you’re not quite sure what you’re destined for. I see life as a chance for endless success and possibilities waiting to be explored. If I take the road on my left, I could end up at one of the greatest medical schools in the country, but if I take the road on my right, I could travel the world helping those less fortunate.

There are so many chances that we are given in life and a multitude of decisions to make, it’s tough to pick one and believe it’s the right choice. There are a million things I wish I hadn’t done in my life, but there are also a million things I wish I would’ve. I know it’s not good for myself to sit around questioning this. I should be out making more mistakes and falling on my face. They may be awful decisions a week from today, but they are decisions that got me to this point in life.

Without these choices, I may not know half the people I do. If I hadn’t started cheerleading, I wouldn’t know my best friend of five years now. If I hadn’t chosen the university I’m currently attending, I wouldn’t have met some of the most philosophical and intelligent professors out there (I wouldn’t have been challenged).

Each life decision may not be the wisest decision, but it creates a journey. This journey is what you’ll remember a few decades from now when you’re telling your grandchildren all the crazy times you had in college. It’s these decisions that will lead you to the life you were supposed to be given. Don’t stress it and don’t overthink it. Everyone is destined for something spectacular, it just takes a few twists and turns on the road of life to reach it.

So, stop wondering "what if" and allow it to become "why not." There are plenty of options to choose from and countless mistakes to be made. I will continue to pray for God to lead me down the path he needs me to. He will not lead me down the wrong path. It is only when we try to create a different destiny for ourselves that we encounter obstacles.

Let the exploring begin!