Every person in the world with at least one tattoo has heard the infamous line: “You’re going to regret that.” The entitlement people seem to have over a body that is not their own is outrageous. I just don’t understand why people, strangers and friends alike, think this is OK to tell someone.

I put something permanently on my body because I like it. Whether or not it has some kind of incredible meaning behind it, I like it. I like the art. I like how it looks on me. It doesn’t matter, I like it and you don’t have to but don’t push your dislike onto me. We are two different people with different taste in things, different personalities, and different bodies. That’s kind of how this whole human thing works.

I could’ve sworn that we’ve been taught that if we don’t have anything nice to say, we don’t say it at all. I think unsolicited comments about my body are filed under the “not nice” category and honestly, if you aren’t going to be nice to me, then I won’t be nice to you. I don’t think either of us wants that so let’s just keep our negative comments to ourselves. I mean hey, I love a good roast but there’s a time and a place for that.

People will come and go, I will lose things that I never expected to, but my tattoos will stay on me forever. My tattoos are not just on my body but they are apart of it. They are all reflections of who I am. Whether they hold great personal meaning to me or I just thought that it was funny, whether they were tattooed on me by a friend at a party or by an artist at a shop,I love them all. I will carry them through my life forever and I will continue to add to my collection.

To be completely frank, if I ever do grow to regret a tattoo, that isn’t any of your business.