Renee Bach Is A Menace To Uganda
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Renee Bach Is A Menace To Uganda

In an effort to combat malnutrition in extreme cases, the Johannesburg missionary, who founded and runs her organization "Serving His Children" has been accused of killing over 100 children in Uganda.

Renee Bach Is A Menace To Uganda

From our environmental time clock, to violent obstructions of justice globally, it seems the world is at an all time low. The hunger epidemic in Yemen is projected to take the lives of approximately half of the population, already affecting 22.2 million citizens ( In addition to this crisis, as well as the media shut down and murderous tyranny of Saudi Arabia, a third crisis has come to light. Residing in Eastern Uganda, Renee Bach is a Johannesburg missionary who developed her own, non-governmental organization, Serving His Children. Her website opens with the headline: "Breaking the cycle of malnutrition in families and communities across Uganda" ( The website delves into various ways you can aid the mission with donations and fundraisers, as well as a few lackluster quotes, followed by a bible passage, that is supposed to suffice for actual medical credentials. Seriously—the education section states,

"Changing health habits must begin at home. We are equipping families and communities to manage their own nutrition and healthcare through education and on the ground nutritional support when necessary. // …and ther are varieties of activities, but it is the same God who EMPOWERS them all in everyone. 1 Corinthians 12:6.

Following the fancy fonts and varying text sizes, the website contains a tab titled "Programs", leading the viewer to a breakdown of the Inpatient Program. This program is said to serve those with malnutrition and various complications that demand intensive care. After being reviewed, medicated, diagnosed, taken care of (for the young patients), and received religious company from an on-site pastor, the individuals are discharged to outpatient care. All in all, the website seems to follow suit in the typical white-savior manner, almost perfectly masking the sinister secret beyond the heart warming photographs. According to All Africa, a news page that reports on cultural, political, and social news throughout Africa,

Gimbo Zubeda and Kakai Rose from Masese in Jinja District alongside civil society organization, Women's Probono Initiative, are suing Bach for her actions they allege led to the death of their children while in her care (

In a heartbreaking twist of events, the missionary who dedicated her life to God and saving world hunger is actually a selfish, ignorant murderer who is posing as a doctor. After trusting Bach, the parents of an alleged nearly 100 children have coped with the death of their loved ones due to the medical procedures conducted by the missionary. Issuing a statement in the face of these enormous allegations, Saving His Children's NGO countered a 2018 article by stating their founder (Bach) never presented herself as a medical professional, nor did she cause any deaths.

Though I absolutely admit that my malnutrition experience is completely different than the devastating nature of malnutrition in Uganda, it makes me sick thinking of mistreatment with something so fragile. As my body starved, my reproductive organs were given up on, my stomach shrunk down, and my heart reached moments where I did not believe it would start again. When I embarked upon my medical stabilization, the portion of my recovery that solely focused on restoring my body, everything from my treatment to my daily routines were cautiously mapped out. It took a gradual increase of calories for almost 21 days in order for me to reach the amount I should be having daily. Because your body becomes so used to minimal amounts of food, binges or simply too much food can cause a heart attack, stroke, and even death. Nothing leaves your body more vulnerable than malnutrition. With the time it took to restore my body from my minimal time of starvation, I cannot imagine the time it would take to aid victims of starvation in Uganda or Yemen. With that being said, it is vital to understand how horrifying and real this situation is.

Though accusations are rising, and social media is spotlighting this issue, we still have no conclusion. Bach was last reported by the No White Saviors organization for not showing up to court in Jinja in March. From a lack of cross-matching blood types for transfusions, to botched medical experiments, children all throughout Uganda are either living with irreversible physical/mental damage, or have not lived beyond these mishaps. It is time to end white saviors; selfless giving, donations, and inquiries to aid those in need is something that can be so beautiful. This narcissistic twist on humanitarianism CANNOT be tolerated—we cannot let individuals such as Renee Bach cause anymore harm to this world.

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