4 Reasons To Not Procrastinate, No Matter How Much You Want Too

Procrastinating does not do anyone justice.

Life can get busy, I get that. I am a college student just like many of you are, and I know the daily struggle of trying to balance everything out- the gym, school work (essays, test, quizzes, lectures, discussion, study groups, etc), extracurriculars, clubs, hanging out with your friends, a job, trying to get 8 hours of sleep at night, and having fun. It even takes a while to get a good balance of everything or even a good schedule to manage everything. But what will help with all of that is not procrastinating no matter how nice it sounds to watch that second episode of your Netflix show. Academics and daily life errands are important to fit into your life at a good time. So just get it done with, and most importantly, do not procrastinate!

1. You end up being more stressed


There is no doubt that you get incredibly stressed out when you end up procrastinating your homework assignments and studying for exams and that is because you literally can not take a break and relax. Cramming and doing everything at once, it actually terrible for your body and mind, and hurts you in the long run.

2. Your grades suffer

Which connects to why your grades end up suffering since you are stressed and trying to do everything at once, you often are not letting yourself do the best you can do, and when you cram, you are really not learning anything; therefore, grades and GPA suffer drastically.

3. You get less sleep

When you end up staying up too late and end up even doing all-nighters, you end up messing up your sleep schedule more than you know and that hurts you, you are not only physically drained but emotionally and mentally drained. GET SLEEP.

4. Mental breakdowns

In reality, when it comes down to it, being overly stressed, not doing as well in your classes, and getting less sleep = many mental breakdowns and we all know how not fun that is. So just do your best, give it all you got, and take care of yourself by not procrastinating to do everything!!

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