Why You Must Stop Planning Every Detail of Your Life
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Why You Must Stop Planning Every Detail of Your Life

Controlling what happens next is just a let down waiting to happen.

Why You Must Stop Planning Every Detail of Your Life

Ever since I can remember, I have always spent my life planning what is going to happen next; what I am going to do for the weekend, what I'm wearing for school the following day, where I'm going to college, what I plan to make a career out of, even something as simple as what I'm making for dinner.

I've always had a plan.

I've lived the life of countless planners, sticky notes, journals filled to the max outlining my dream and even inspiration boards that I've created.

"Holy cow, this girl is crazy." Is what I'm sure you're all thinking to yourself.

It's not a bad thing to want to plan everything and be organized - but there is a point where you take it too far:

When you start planning your life.

I spent all of this time planning what is going to happen next, but over the past year I have learned that I can't micromanage everything that is going to happen.

I'm not going to be able to see where I end up in the future, if I have a family and kids, or even if I have the big house, fancy car - whatever it might be.

I just don't have control over that...and neither do you.

I recently just started my public relations/business communications internship this past week and something that I really appreciate my boss for was that she scheduled me to have meetings with different people on our team or who we might work closely with who might not be a part of our team and are in a different department.

So, I had the pleasure of speaking with our social media manager, community relations specialist, business to consumer manager and even web development.

As they did their run through of what their daily tasks look like, editorial calendar samples, community outreach plans and communication plans -- I asked them the very question, "How did you get where you are today?"

All of them replied with answers I didn't even expect.

I thought they would all say that they studied a particular major in college, were involved in clubs and activities that helped them pursue their passion and get to be where they are today.

For example, our social media manager at work earned his degree in political science. And the business to consumer manager worked in advertisement and marketing.

Talk about a complete 180.

It got me thinking that I really will have no control over what and where I go with my life and my career. I could be studying one thing and find out that I am passionate about something else or even find myself in a new city where new passions and inspirations ignite a fire within me.

The possibilities are endless and it's crazy to think that life can take us on a journey we never imagined for ourselves.

I have learned that I can't micromanage everything in my life. I have to go with the flow. I can't push things whether it be with friends, a significant other, family, my boss, whomever it may be -- I can't force them to be there for me, or always have my back.

Not everyone is always going to stay, and that's OK.

If you're like me and you have to have that plan mapped out for yourself, I encourage you to let go of the reigns.

Ultimately, life is trial and error.

You might start a job that you might not like, so even though you might have to stick it out for awhile -- you're eventually going to have to find a new one.

You might have a friend that seems fun and nice on the surface, but talks in cruel ways behind your back or never sticks up for you. You might not of known that at first, but you forget them, move on and down the road you'll find a friend that does everything that a friend should do.

You might have someone in your family or friend group that gets really sick or has other health related issues --- you can't control that it happens.

It isn't fun - believe me.

Nobody wants to get hurt, have their heart ripped out of their chest, experience loss or rejection, the thought of someone not loving you back or even the feeling that you just don't fit in.

You can't control it.

Life throws you in loops and all these twists and turns that you just would never expect, but it's how you overcome and how you deal with these issues you can't control that will put you where you need to be, with the people who will always be there supporting you.

Life's crazy and uncontrollable.

Constantly controlling and figuring out what is going to happen next will consume your every being with negativity.

Be positive that there is a plan for you out there. You have a purpose. Enjoy life as it goes and just let things happen naturally.

Nobody can predict the future, we can only deal with the present.

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