There is so much negativity that surrounds Valentine's Day anymore. It doesn't just come from single people, though. It also comes from people who are in relationships and honestly, it needs to stop. Valentine's Day isn't meant to be a huge deal, it really isn't that hard to buy flowers and chocolates or set up a date with your significant other. It's also not hard to just be happy for other couples who are in love on Valentine's day. If Valentine's day is making you feel more lonely because you aren't in a relationship, then maybe you should do some soul searching and learn how to be okay alone.

For those who are single, I understand where your bitterness comes from. There was a time when seeing couples post all over Instagram on Valentine's Day bothered me, mostly because I was lonely. When Valentine's Day rolls around this year, though, instead of being annoyed over all the couples around you on Valentine's Day, learn to be happy for them. While you are being happy for them, also learn how to be your own Valentine. Buy yourself flowers. Order some food for yourself. Indulge in ungodly amounts of chocolate. Most of all treat yourself.

Sure, Valentine's day is meant to be a couple's holiday, but it also is only a Hallmark holiday. You can redefine it. If you don't want to be your own Valentine, set up a party with your friends the day before. This day is usually known as Galentine's day, a day where girls celebrate their friendships with each other (but hey, guys can make it a day for them, too. I'm not one to judge). Empowering your friends is another way to spend this holiday instead of being indignant towards it.

For those who are in relationships, I understand that Valentine's day feels like extra pressure within a relationship. Sometimes your significant other puts extra pressure on you to spend a lot of money on them, or your significant other shows absolutely no interest in celebrating the holiday with you. Either way, both responses to the holiday suck. It's understandable, the holiday isn't even a "real" one, so why does everyone act like you have to celebrate it if you are in a relationship?

Though, there is the small number of people who just want to go for a nice dinner (or even just some appetizers and desserts) and don't expect more than a cheap box of chocolates or a bag of heart candy with a cute Valentine's day card. Valentine's day isn't supposed to be, and should not be, an extravagant holiday. If you are in a relationship, it should feel just like another day in your relationship, just with some extra candy. Maybe your pettiness towards Valentine's day is a sign that you should be treating every single day more like Valentine's day with your significant other.

At the end of the day, try to stop being so negative about Valentine's day. If you make a big deal out of the holiday, try to ease up on your significant other, it's not the end of the world if they don't spend their whole bank account on you. If you express how much you hate the holiday in front of your significant other, consider their feelings. You may be making them feel as if they aren't as important to you as they thought. If you don't have a significant other, spend time with your friends or with yourself when the holiday rolls around. Valentine's day is supposed to be a light-hearted, fun holiday, so try not to make it a miserable one this year. Focus on the positive aspects of it.