Let's Stop Focusing on Race
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Let's Stop Focusing on Race

Because it is about so much more.

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It's time we stop playing the race game. It's time we stop labeling each other white or black, but instead as Americans. We need to learn to actually get over the past. At what point do we actually choose to leave the past behind us? At what point do we say, "I forgive you", even though every human being alive today has nothing to do with slavery. If this were the case, why aren't we still criticizing the Germans for their attempted extermination of the Jewish people that happened less than 80 years ago? People condemn the American flag for symbolizing slavery when we were one of the first countries to get rid of slavery entirely, even with countries today still participating in such acts. India and Chine are the top two countries that still have millions forced into labor and considered property. India has over six times more slaves than China, making it the country with the highest percentage of its population being slaves.

The movement for social acceptance of every race, religion, and culture is systematically flawed. Movements like Black Lives Matter, the huge women's march that took place right after Trump's inauguration, and basically all anti-Trump rallies parade behind a false narrative that we can all get along with no war, no financial burdens and no social contingencies. Such movements lack factual evidence where such mentalities have led to a perfect society, and the answer to that is none. Before Obama's presidency, the ideas of white privilege, gay marriage, refugee acceptance, and women's rights (even though there is no right that a man has that a woman doesn't have) were never seen as an importance. They were not seen as a necessity for society to operate efficiently. But during Obama's terms as president, it now seems that the utmost importance for America is not to maintain an effective foreign policy but to embrace all religions regardless of what they think of western culture. Not to create a competitive business environment, but instead, focus on accepting those who may be disenfranchised by society not taking into account of how that may hurt a business. Not to move on from our historically evil past of slavery, but to keep digressing by bringing it up as some form of justification of racist acts. Not to take advantage of a free market, but to constantly remind ourselves that others are not given such opportunities and we should therefore be ashamed of ourselves for having such opportunities. Seeing how such a perspective can be such a setback to advances in society, we need to learn that not everyone gets what they want, and just because I, a white male, got into college and is pursing a career DOES NOT mean I do not care for the black individual who does not have such an opportunity. Instead of simply focusing on that, we need to focus on the betterment of society and learn why people of all ethnicities reach rock bottom. Yes, some of it is because of our system, but most of the time, it is the personal choices we have made that led us to were we are or are going to be.

To play off the famous words of renowned television channel MTV, dear black people, learn that no one is special for their skin tone, and that America is the best chance you've got. Realize there is a problem within the black community when black children are born out of wedlock by upwards of 64 percent. Compare that to only 18percent for white children. Blacks also disproportionately commit over 50 percent of the nation's crimes. Learn and understand the problems within black culture before accusing whites for being the problem. Do not degrade and demonize a nation that allowed you to get an education, pursue a career, have a family, and even become president. Yes, you are a minority. That does not mean you are disenfranchised solely on that basis. Do not succumb to the liberal notion that since you are black, you are automatically at a disadvantage. Prove them wrong. and show them you are not held to a lower standard of living as they seem to assume. This should infuriate you. This should entice you to go above and beyond your ancestors, but most importantly, it should teach to, seriously, get over it.

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