Unpopular Opinion: Stop Donating To Rebuild Notre Dame

Don't get me wrong, I love the Notre Dame it is a breathtaking church that has a lot of history behind it, undoubtedly it's one of my favorite places. We need to put our money towards other disasters and people first though. Point blank, Jesus didn't care about the stained glass, he cared about humans.

In a little over 24 hours, one billion has been raised towards rebuilding the church. I know that it is a very important landmark, but the fact that billionaires and many other people have pledged so much money to fix the church really puts into perspective how easily people could help solve other world issues if they cared.

We need everyone to care more. We need to focus on these situations before we start rebuilding. Instead of waiting for the world to change on its own, we could change it ourselves, right now.

The people of Flint, Michigan have gone without clean water for almost five years now. Do you know how much money it would take to finish and fix this water contamination? 55 million, that's it.

An estimated 554,000 people are hungry and homeless in the United States at this very moment. The UN estimates that ending world hunger would only cost about $30 million and decrease yearly as well as providing/building adequate shelters for the homeless would cost about 500 million. Overall about one billion would be needed to completely end homelessness (theoretically), but this would still make a dent in the process.

Those are just three examples out of thousands of what the money could go to and it would ACTUALLY help people, make a real difference in personal lives. And I get it, it's your money you'll do what you want with it, but just consider donating to other things before you donate to the church. People aren't going to die because of Notre Dame not being rebuilt immediately, they'll die from not having the proper resources or getting the real help they need.

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