Stop Comparing Kim Kardashian and Ayesha Curry
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Stop Comparing Kim Kardashian and Ayesha Curry

Stop Comparing Kim Kardashian and Ayesha Curry
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Social media loves to take a stab at celebrities, but as of late Kim Kardashian has been at the receiving end of most of the hate and gossip. This can be linked to Kardashian's unwillingness to comply with society's expectations of a woman's appropriate behavior. Kardashian has engaged in "immodest" behavior such as creating a sex tape with previous boyfriend, Ray J. Kardashian is also known for posting "revealing" photos on the internet. Lately, the internet has gone so far as to compare her to Stephen Curry's apparently perfect wife, Ayesha Curry. Ayesha Curry appears to symbolize everything that Kardashian is not. However, the comparisons need to stop.

Let's take a look at just some of the hateful comparisons.

This first tweet attacks Kim K as a potential role model while setting both Blake Lively and Ayesha Curry on a pedestal. This is just ridiculous. There are plenty of reasons why Kim K could and should be a role model. To begin, Kim K is one badass business woman. She collaborated with Glu Mobile to create Kim Kardashian: Hollywood which has generated millions (maybe even billions in profit). Also, ShoeDazzle, Keeping up with the Kardashians (tv show), and the clothing store, Dash are all businesses which she either spearheaded or is heavily engaged in. She isn't just famous for being famous. She's busy building a brand. That's impressive. She's my role model for sure. I hope to be even half the business women that she is.

Here's even more hate.

This tweet really is just upsetting and beyond idiotic. If you didn't know, Kim Kardashian is married to Kanye West. So, this individual attacking Kim K for not being a wife like Ayesha Curry is just ridiculous. This tweet insinuates that there's a proper way to be a wife which is beyond me. How can people attack Kim K's ability to be a wife? Do we live with her and Kanye? I didn't think so. This tweet is really just an attack at Kim K's style of womanhood. Let's stop that.

Last, but not least.

Now, this tweet is just so wrong. It tries to categorize women into either a personality like Ayesha Curry's or Kim K. I shouldn't even have to put it out there that this is just beyond unrealistic. Women don't just fit into two perfect categories. There aren't just Ayesha Curry and Kim K kind of women. Let's get real.

Why does the internet really attack Kim Kardashian?

1. Kim K's sex tape with Ray J

Kim K is always being criticized for making a sex tape with previous boyfriend, Ray J. The two made the tape in 2003 and it was leaked in 2007. The video was made by two consenting adults (all that really matters), but still everyone seems to be absolutely outraged about it. It's about time we simply get over it. It's not our business. The focus should be on the fact that certain individuals think its okay to release such private material for profit. Also, take note that nobody seems to care that Ray J was in the sex tape. Sexism at its finest.

2. "Kim K posts naked photos and doesn't respect herself."

I'll just leave this here.[rebelmouse-proxy-image crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" expand=1 original_size="1x1"]

I don't remember men being shamed for this sort of nudity. Again, sexism prevails.

At the end of the day, we need to stop hating on Kim Kardashian because she's not everything that we want her to be. What works for her doesn't have to work for you. Also, we aren't in any position to judge. Imagine every single mistake you've ever made being publicized. You'd probably look like a shitty person too. Kardashian is human and we seem to forget that. She's also a strong woman who refuses to conform to society's expectations. She won't cover her body to your liking or apologize for her sexuality. This isn't a reason to look down on her or pit her against Ayesha Curry. When we pit women against each other, we allow sexism to win. Remember that.

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