Stop Bashing 13 Reasons Why
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Stop Bashing 13 Reasons Why

I guess if you do then you don't understand the true meaning of the show.

Stop Bashing 13 Reasons Why
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Everyone is talking about 13 Reasons Why whether they like it or not. I personally find it raw and intriguing. While your opinion may be opposite of mine, I want to speak my mind about the series.

I think we all know what 13 Reasons Why is about; rape, bullying, slut shaming, suicide, and so much more. I think this series can relate to every single one of us. You don’t have to have gone through all of what Hannah Baker went through, but I am sure we have all gone through one of them at some point in our life. And for that I am sorry, but it is inevitable.

Maybe you were raped. I cannot imagine going through that and I will not even try to understand. Maybe you witnessed a rape and that is just as damaging. Maybe you thought about suicide or have harmed yourself. If you’re reading this then I hope you got through that struggle but then again maybe you haven’t and continue to contemplate life. Maybe you are constantly bullied at your school or job. Maybe you are the bully. Whatever you maybe or have gone through I hope you have found peace.

13 Reasons Why brings these hard topics to life, showing the ugly truth we try so hard to mask. These issues and problems ARE REAL and EXIST throughout the world. I’ve seen some articles bashing this series for how real it is. But isn’t that what we should be doing? Shouldn’t we be discussing with others the truth about these problems? Why try and shy away from it? All that is creating is more reason for those who are facing these problems to hide.

I’ve seen an article saying how much of a trigger this show is. Yes, the show recreates moments and experiences that could trigger an individual but that is why the show provides a trigger warning in advance before the episodes. At that point, if an individual continues to watch and complains about the series being a trigger it is at their own risk.

The show demonstrates the real emotion and thoughts of what someone with these problems is going through. There is never one reason behind a person’s emotion or actions, but accumulated reasons just building on top of another. A person in Hannah Bakers case just wants one reason to keep on living, just one. Maybe you can be that reason.

We need to remember throughout each day when we encounter someone to be kind and understanding as possible. We may not know the full extent of someone’s situation but being empathetic and kind can go along way. Maybe your behavior or actions towards someone could be the one reason they don’t hurt themselves.

Each person's situation is different. So stop bashing 13 Reasons Why. At least there are people in this world courageous enough to produce and portray such difficult material. The more individuals bash the series the more people like Hannah Baker will want to stay quiet. So you are actually doing more harm than you are good.

People say that Hannah Baker could have done more, but could she? I wonder if people understand the true depth and magnitude depression has on an individual. They ask for help but it is very subtle. Hannah Baker did push people away and mask her pain, but I think the majority of the world does that since we've been told that showing pain is a sign of weakness. Try to understand the series instead of bashing each flaw or what you consider to be a flaw of the show. Instead, I think we should ban together as a society to bring awareness of these problems, just like 13 Reasons Why did because it is important.

If you or someone you know is depressed, having thoughts of suicide, or just needs to talk to someone, please go to or call 1-800-273-8255.

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