Stomping The Sophomore Slump

Stomping The Sophomore Slump

Let's get down to business and resolve our issues.

Most of us can understand the difficulty of being a second-year college student. If you’re unfamiliar here's your answer! As sophomores, some of us have already had our excitement that comes with college. The new experiences and starting a life away from home. It’s difficult to top such an amazing first year when you finally arrive at the real reason of why we come to college- for that shiny degree.

You’re unmotivated, lagging, and even question waking up for that 1 p.m. class. You’re that slumped. The idea of studying every day and not sleeping as much as we’d like puts us in a daze (one I’m currently struggling with myself). For those that need a little wake-up call on how to fight the slump, you’ve come to the right place. Prepare for your spirits to be instantly lifted as you head out on this journey with me.

And now let me present to you, the best ways to beat the sophomore s.l.u.m.p:

Stay hydrated.

The benefits of water can’t be explained enough. While we all need that soda every now and again, the sweeteners found within them will only leave you with a sugar high and water loss. Yes, they’re caffeinated and they taste better half the time but they have no health benefits. Water will keep you hydrated (over time leading to less fatigue) and increase energy levels. With the slump you’re feeling right about now I would bet you’ve had a couple sodas today instead of water. Kick it, now. The water will relieve any headaches experienced from that sugar rush along with boost your immune system to fight that nasty virus circling around campus.

Listen to your body.

Take care of yourself. I understand it’s easier said than done. Heck, I can barely put myself together for class in the morning so I don’t have much room to talk; however, keeping up with your health is more important than some of us college students care to realize. Listen, learn, and protect your body, you’re gonna be stuck in it for some time.

Utilize your parents.

Call them, just do it. I mean, we should call our parents throughout the week to check in on them and let them know we’re still alive- barely. When it gets difficult and you seem to be dragging throughout the day, give them a call. I can promise that having someone listen to everything crazy or boring going on in your life (and genuinely care) will do wonders for your spirit.

Make time.

Taking on more than you can mentally and physically handle will have you running out of steam quicker than you can imagine. Wanting to sleep all day every day? Yeah, I’ve been there too, I’m there now. So find time to take a break, go to the gym, and go for a run outside. The energy you’ll have afterward will leave you feeling like the Energizer Bunny.

Prepare for the week.

With making time comes planning out your schedule. Sophomore year is a doozy. You’ll most likely be flustered with how busy you are between the unusual school load, possibly working, volunteer programs, and organizations you decided to join. Get a planner, organize your life, and set some “me time.” You’ll be surprised with how quickly your mood will change and the weight off your shoulders will lighten up.

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1. "Can I wear your shirt out tonight?"

2. "Does my hair look greasy?"

3. "We should probably clean tomorrow..."

4. "What should I caption this??"

5. "Is it bad if I text ____ first??"

6. "Should we order pizza?"

7. *Roommate tells an entire story* "Wait, what?"

8. "How is it already 3 AM?"

9. "I need a drink."

10. "McDonalds? McDonalds."


12. "Okay like, for real, I need to study."

13. "Why is there so much hair on our floor?"

14. "I think I'm broke."

15. "What do I respond to this?"

16. "Let's have a movie night."

17. "Why are we so weird?"

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47. "Should we skip class?"

48. "What should we be for Halloween?"

49. "I love our room."

50. "What would I do without you guys???"

Cover Image Credit: Hannah Gabaldon

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I'm Grateful for my heartbreak turning me into the woman i am today

It taught me more about myself than what I knew before


One year ago, I entered a relationship that I thought was going to be worthwhile, magical, and long-lasting. I broke all of my rules for falling for someone too fast, and although I hated myself for it, I didn't regret it at the same time, because he made me the happiest I had ever been.

Little did I know that only halfway into the summer, my world would come crumbling down, and my heart would be shattered to pieces, all because of one text.

When I got that text, saying it wasn't going to work out, my dreams of us facing the world and its obstacles, and falling more in love, were now destroyed. How could someone just give up on something so easily? How could we make it this far, only to have someone lose faith in everything that we had built in the snap of a finger?

For months after this breakup, I had felt so many emotions: hurt, anger, confusion, stupid, betrayal, alone, unwanted, not good enough, scared, and guilty. I felt hurt and betrayed by him for giving up on us so fast. I felt stupid for thinking something this pure was going to ever last. I felt unwanted and not good enough because obviously, something had to have been wrong for things to go this way. I felt scared for thinking about trying to put myself out there with guys again because this time it just backfired in my face in the end. But despite feeling all of these emotions, I mostly felt guilty, because no matter how angry or hurt I felt because of him, he was still present in my mind and my heart.

Going through a breakup sucks, and it put me at some of my weakest and lowest points. But looking back, I'm glad I went through this experience because it taught me more about myself than I had ever known before.

I've had a year to reflect on all of this, and my breakup has transformed me into a stronger person. Of course the first few weeks were the hardest and most painful, but I strongly believe everything happens for a reason, and that maybe this was not the best thing for me at that time.

I'm grateful for my breakup because I wouldn't have been strong enough to handle everything at once.

Looking back, I can see that maybe summer before freshman year of college wasn't the best time for me to begin a serious relationship. I would be starting a new journey in a fresh environment, where multiple curveballs would be thrown at me, most likely to put me under a lot of stress. And not physically having that person you care about the most with you to help comfort and calm you down would only make it harder. Long distance requires a lot of commitment and effort, and while I give credit to those who are already doing this and still going strong (which honestly... goals), I don't think I would've been capable of doing all of this at the time, even though I tried endlessly to convince myself I was.

I'm grateful for my breakup because it's offered me more time to focus on myself and what I want.

When you're in a relationship, you can't only be thinking about yourself; you have to think of your partner as well as how to manage your relationship. Being on my own has allowed me to focus on my passions and my future, and has helped me become more independent every day. It's inspired me to create art through my writing to inspire others, and to help others do more. But most importantly, it's helped me focus on the areas I want to change and my well-being, which ultimately helps me to be the best version of me.

I'm grateful for my breakup because it inspired me to move forward with my life and has helped me grow.

There are many different ways on how to move on from someone or something, but a broken heart is arguably the most challenging one out of all of them. If things are constantly working out for us, then we're not being pushed to do more as a result. In order to grow as people, we need these challenges present in our lives so we can learn how to overcome them and become stronger in the end. Had I not been broken up with, I wouldn't have come to this conclusion, and I wouldn't have learned all of the lessons I gained from it. This entire experience has taught me how to heal and in the end, has made me stronger by learning to keep moving forward. There are still days where I feel vulnerable, but if you put me from one year ago next to me right now, you would visibly see a difference between the two.

I'm grateful for my breakup because it has helped me to accept and forgive.

I won't lie, I was angry and had a deep hatred for the guy who easily broke my heart. At the time, it felt like it was the biggest blindside, and what hurt even more was that it was from someone I had never expected it to come from. But after taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture, he did what he thought was best for him, and he told me straightforward instead of leaving me in the dark by ghosting me. At the end of the day, he was truly an amazing guy, and all of the times we spent together were filled with nothing but happiness. If you asked me a few months ago if I had wanted anything to do with him, I would've answered with a straight up "hell no," followed by a few not so nice words. But now, if we had that chance to reconnect even as friends, I would have no problems or hesitations for doing that.

So here's a thank you to the boy who broke my heart. Had you not have done that one year ago, I would not be the healed and strong person that I am today.

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