I am writing this article because I was recently compelled to bust out my old copy of Twilight, just to bring back some of the nostalgia of my pre-teen years. To my surprise when I opened the book, a paper fell out, specifically, a list, that I had written when I was 11 or 12.

The list detailed the things I wanted to do that day, which included cleaning my room, finishing Breaking Dawn, and rereading my favorite parts of Twilight. The book was my whole life, and some the best moments of my early years include me either reading a book in the series or the moment just happened to occur while I was holding or thinking about the book. I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with it (no pun intended). Because, not only was Edward (aka Robert Pattinson) the man of my dreams, but Bella was ordinary, like me, although, she looked nothing like me, and I could relate.

I remember thinking they were so old and that high school was so far away. But now, rereading the book in college and having experienced high school for what it is, not the fantasy world Bella and Edward lived in, I think I can safely say that I still love the series. Not only because it brings back memories, but because the story and the relationships are kind of mesmerizing. And I knew it was all fake, but I still somehow hoped high school would be as magical as it was in Twilight, and that vampires and werewolves were real (lol).

And, well, this brings me comfort, to the days when life was not so complicated and I didn't have to worry about a summer chem class that may or may not get canceled or if I will be able to survive my next year of classes. And I know these teen-dramas provide an escape and hold a special place in the hearts of a lot of people. So, to all the girls who still love Twilight or Divergent or The Vampire Diaries, you're not alone.

Epilogue: I am actually back about a week later to say that I finished Twilight and am now on to the Hunger Games. I actually never read The Hunger Games and thought that while I was waiting for my chem class to start I would try and experience a new world. I will, inevitably, become obsessed with it and I won't be able to put it down, but I have nothing else to do (except chem, lol). Starting a new book is exciting, isn't it? And, honestly, I have seen the movies, a while ago, and I am really ready for Gale (aka Liam Hemsworth).

So, this summer I challenge you to pick up a book, and become immersed because in my opinion there is nothing better.