There are two types of people in the world, people who hate tattoos and people are so in love with them that they’re covered. Over the past few years, there’s been this stigma towards tattoos — the idea that you’re destroying your body with a beautiful form of art; that when you’re old, all you’ll be left with is this colored blob on your body.

But what those people don’t realize is that the tattoo that you’re bad mouthing probably has meaning for that person. Those random numbers to you are someone’s birth date or death date. What you don’t realize is that Spongebob tattoo helped someone get through their tough past.

Yes, there are also those few people that do get tattoos out of stupidity or as a spontaneous, rebellious move. But the important thing to realize is that that tattoo is not on your body. It’s on someone else’s body. Those judgemental comments you make, well, good thing that big obnoxious tattoo isn’t on your body.

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So, next time you want to make comments about someone’s piece of art, remember two things. One, it could have meaning. Two, good thing it’s not your body. I end this with one more thing, keep your judgemental comments to yourself.