Stereotypes We Need to Ditch

As much as we all want to believe its not true, everyone is a little biased or partial to someone or something. As the years have progressed, stereotypes dealing with certain races or ethnicities have died down, but not completely resolved. Especially in older generations people tend to think of others in a certain way…a way that is no longer fit to be true. Yes, certain people might fit under a category they are imagined to be, however it is not everyone, not even close. Times have changed and so have people so its time we let go of what was once thought of a person and adjust to who they really are. Whether it’s a bad assumption or not, the cliché idea of labeling a person based on what they say, do, or look like needs to come to an end.

People need to stop thinking:

All Asians are unbelievably smart.

Anyone that doesn’t go to college is going to fail in the future.

That tall, African Americans are good at basketball.

African Americans are good at sports in general.

Mexicans are smuggling drugs into anywhere.

Blondes are stupid.

Anyone that smokes marijuana is a delinquent.

Girls are weak, mentally or physically.

Black people have weapons on them.

Cops are evil.

Gay women cut their hair to look more like dudes.

People who hunt have no soul.

Boys and girls in college that participate in Greek life are below others.

Waitresses are desperate for money.

Mexicans are only good for taking our jobs.

If someone is fat they, don’t care about their health.

Rich people have everything they’ve ever wanted.

Homeless people are addicts.

Divorced couples ended because one of the spouses cheated.

Single people are lonely.

Gay men have higher toned voices and like to wear make up.

Single parents are hopeless.

All Asians eat cats and dogs.

People who have tattoos are troublesome.

Those who are prescribed Adderall are lazy.

Fat people are lazy.

Girls are bad drivers.

People who are considered low class, or even poor, are unemployed.

Men are better workers than women.

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