Stepping Stone

Gone are the days of asking my teachers if I can get up to leave class or go to the front office to check in. Today are the new days. The days of college where it's up to you. Suddenly, you have so much more responsibility than you did about 3 months ago! Now you have to depend on yourself to get your work done. If you don't understand something, the professor won't stop class just to explain one little thing to you. College is different and I've only been here a week and I can already tell I was not as prepared as I thought I was nor do I think I'm mature enough to be here. But at some point, everyone has to grow up and become an adult. I am currently learning how to grow up along with a whole lot of other things that I thought I knew but really didn't.

There is so much freedom with college that in a way I feel like I'm missing something. Because in high school you had 5 minutes to get to your next class or you would be counted tardy. Now I can walk out of class whenever I want, or just not show up. It doesn't matter. Technically, it should matter to you, but the professors have no reason to care about your attendance. Don't get me wrong, I love college so far, but it's just not exactly what I expected. I think the thing I miss the most about high school is my best friend and the Friday pep rallies. But all good things must come to an end. New things are just around the corner... as soon as I can figure out how this whole college thing works. Because I'm currently clueless. There is a quote by Andrew Shue and he says "Life is the most exciting opportunity we have. But we have one shot. You graduate from college once and that's it. You're going out of the nest. And you have to find the courage that's deep, deep in there. Every step of the way".

College is just the next stepping stone in our lives. Till now I didn't realize just how big that stepping stone actually was. It's crazy to think that the next stepping stone in our lives will be to get a job, then hopefully meet someone and settle down. Just suddenly looking back on elementary, middle, and high school... they just went by so fast!

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