Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

It was 8 p.m. on Thursday, March 12th. I had just arrived to the Joe Crowley Student Union with my two campaign managers to hear the results of the ASUN elections. As the candidates piled into a small room with their friends, family, and supporters, all I could feel was pure nervousness. Let me back up.

I had been thinking about running for ASUN senate for months. It was a constant conversation with my parents. I went back and forth and could not decide whether it was the right time or choice for me to make. I hate to say it, but a lot of my friends were not into the idea. I commit myself to a lot of extracurriculars and I understand that I spread myself thin, but when something like this comes up, you have to jump on the opportunity. I had to explain that to my friends. In the end, it was my schedule that would be mostly affected, my life that would change, and my decision—not anyone else's. Of course, I wanted 100 percent approval from everyone in my life that this was a good idea, but I really didn't need it. I filled out the online form, and I was officially in the race and you know what? I felt awesome after I hit 'submit,' and my friends were excited to see what would happen and became overly supportive. They all wore the buttons I made, took pictures with my sign, came to my debate, and were so excited for everything to come.

Then 9:10 p.m. hit. It was the moment when they were going to announce who won the race for senator. He said my name. I won. It was one of the most rewarding moments of my life. I worked hard nonstop for a month campaigning, talking to people I didn’t know, and purely just stepping outside of my comfort zone. There is this quote I heard once that really fit the moment—“Life begins when you step outside of your comfort zone.” Nothing could have been more true. My experience within ASUN has taught me how to be a leader, and it was one of the best decisions I made for myself.

Moral of the story: Step outside of your comfort zone and get involved. College is what you make of it. Join Greek Life, get involved in a club that relates to your major, network with professionals, go to conferences, be a leader. Just get involved.

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