Chemistry, Math, Physics, and Biology! My friend was shocked when I listed out my favorite subjects to her. “Aren’t you an English major?” she said.

Her statement got me thinking: is it so wrong to love science and math? I mean if you are a CHASS (College of Humanities and Social Sciences) major does it mean that you cannot enjoy solving numeric equations and word problems?

I mean, to be honest, I love history, English, philosophy, anthropology etc. but science is just something I hold close to my heart.

From finding solutions to equations in physics and math to learning about elements, their properties, and their reactions to delving into the fascinating world of human beings and how this magnificent body of ours functions in biology.

Every time I get an opportunity to take a class that would involve any of these you will definitely find me grabbing the opportunity to learn more!

Hailing from a family full of engineers and people interested in research and math, I am not even surprised at the fact that I am attracted to math and science. Chemistry to be more specific. My grandfather is a chemical engineer and my dad is a Metallurgical Engineer, there is no doubt that Chem runs in my blood.

Everyone was sure that I would pick a career related to science or math. The actual surprise came when I decided that I would major in English along with pre-med.

While everyone who knows me now tends to be shocked at the fact that I love science and math but the thing that shocks them the most is the fact that I am good at it.

To everyone out there who knows me, all I can say is that yes while I am a CHASS major and someone who loves to write and express myself, I cannot resist solving equations and finding logic in situations to find solutions.

There is nothing wrong with having the best of both worlds. The analytical and logical ability to understand complex issues and yet have the ability to express myself freely through my words.

Honestly, I believe that I have the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds. If I had to choose which one I liked more I would be torn because CHASS gives me the medium to express myself while STEM is where I turn to take refuge on a bad day. If I really want things to start making sense and have an easy and logical solution then it is either science or math.

I am still an English major and thanks to my father's persistence and by the looks of it will continue to be one till I graduate I am someone who loves solving equations and loves to write.

I believe that there is nothing wrong in loving both subjects and know so many people who are forced to pick one subject stream over the other. To them, all I can say is do not do something for the sake of it! If you love both do both.

At least that is what I plan to do for no one can replace writing and the sciences for me and no one can force me to choose one over the other.