Steal Their Look: Gilmore Girls
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Steal Their Look: Gilmore Girls

4 great characters... and sources of fashion inspiration.

Steal Their Look: Gilmore Girls

Everyone knows that fashion recycles itself. Current designers draw inspiration from past decades all the time. This time, I implore you to look no further for your Winter 2017 looks than the nearest Netflix streaming device. Gilmore Girls can supply you with all the fashion inspiration you need.

Rory Gilmore

Rory is the worst, but sometimes she looks cute. She really owns the preppy look, and her sweater/skirt combos are a regular staple of this style.

Knit V-Neck Sweater

Plaid Pleated Skirt

Lane Kim

As the drummer of rock band "Hep Alien," Lane is cool no matter what she wears. But I believe that she happened to choose timeless pieces, rather than early 2000's fashion mistakes, at a higher rate than other Gilmore Girls characters.

Denim Jacket

Black and Silver Choker Necklace

Emily Gilmore

Emily's wardrobe probably costs more than my college tuition. It's hard to find an outfit that even comes close to her elegant style, but it's admirable to shoot for the stars!

Pearl-trimmed Silk Blazer

Midi Black Pencil Skirt

Lorelai Gilmore

Of course Lorelai needs to look business-appropriate for her job, but she couldn't survive without some pizzazz. We should all be inspired by her even when she wears something downright overwhelming like the pink tie-dye top and super-short jean shorts from Season 1.

Two-Pocket Woven Blouse

Delphine Barette

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