How To Stay Motivated During The College Semester

She's The Girl Lacking Motivation Now But With Plans To Fix That

Next semester, I am going to apply myself like I used to in high school and push through the struggle that comes along with every class: lack of motivation.


The grind starts NOW! I refuse to allow myself to feel lost in my studies and uninterested in my classes next semester. Next semester, I am going to apply myself like I used to in high school and push through the struggle that comes along with every class: lack of motivation.

People stop going to classes due to their lack of motivation and begin falling behind on their workload. I understand that mentality because I have been there. However, it is unrealistic to think you can just give up if you are not motivated. That is just not how it works in the real world. If you stop going to work because you are unmotivated, you will lose your job and that cycle will continue over and over. If I continue to skip classes because I am uninterested and unmotivated, I will deter my progress and create more obstacles for myself because I will ever be able to accomplish my goals.

You should not need to have motivation to get your work done, you just need to focus on your commitments and the goals you have. You have to push through the obstacles and hard times to experience the feeling of joy and self-realization that accomplishments bring. There is always going to be someone attempting to take your spot, someone who wants to accomplish the same goals you do. While you are uninterested or unmotivated, there is someone else working much harder than you are and will deserve to achieve their goals more than you do because you gave up. By lacking motivation and not doing what you need to, you are giving up on yourself and your goals, which will turn into a cycle and not allow you to progress any further in life.

If you lack motivation, just focus on having that feeling of accomplishment and that feeling should propel you out of feeling unmotivated. Although, this may not help people in every situation and that is okay because it is not always easy to pull yourself out of that mentality. You do not need motivation to accomplish your goals, what you need most is a good routine. Having a good routine will allow you to be less stressed because you will be able to get your work done and have fun at the same time. For instance, next semester, I scheduled my classes to where I have none on Fridays and none before one in the afternoon.

By setting up my classes in that fashion, I can complete all my work before the weekend and will be able to go out with my friends, have fun, and relieve stress. I will also set up a studying schedule before next semester, so I will be able to attend more sorority and club events. Moreover, a routine and schedule allow individuals to accomplish their short-term goals, such as homework and exams, which will propel them forward in the progress of their long-term goals, such as graduation.

Next semester, I am going to be more focused while not being stressed all the time, which is the opposite of what I have gone through these past two semesters. By creating a routine, I will be more productive and I will effectively accomplish my short-term goals, which will help my progress in accomplishing my long-term goals. I will begin to feel pride in my grind again, like I did in high school, and will procrastinate less. I can do this and so can anyone else. It may not be easy, but satisfaction does not come from completing simple tasks, it comes from accomplishing tasks that you thought were impossible.

Let's get this bread, everyone!

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