Staying Home For Spring Break Is OK​

In college, the pressure to go on a crazy adventure for spring break and come back with unbelievable stories is overwhelming. We see pictures of our friends on tropical islands and naturally wish we were there, but staying home has its own perks.

One of the best things about being home for spring break is that your parents will treat you well. Especially if you don't go home very often, they will cook your favorite home-cooked meals and be more inclined to let you borrow their car. Another perk is self-care. There is no alarm clock, so if you want to sleep until noon, nobody will stop you. Catch up on the sleep that 8:30 classes deprive you. You can lounge around the house, put on a face mask, and binge-watch an entire series on Netflix.

If you're not one for lounging, go visit a friend at college. Everybody seems to have a different spring break, so if you have a friend who goes to college in your home state, go spend the weekend with them. It is not often people out of state get to see their friends from high school during the school year. On that note, also spend time with family. Go spontaneously have dinner with your grandma or brunch with your aunt. It is relaxing to be off the regular schedule.

As a freshman, save your money. Everybody is pretty much broke and not everybody's parents will pay to send them on a trip every year. There is no shame in that. That spring break money that could take you to California this spring break could be used to take you to Europe junior or senior year. When everybody is studying abroad as upperclassmen, it will be nice to have the opportunity to go visit somewhere new; plus, you won't have to pay for a hotel if they have a couch.

Although you might not have Instagram pictures on a beach, staying home has its benefits. Plus, you can listen to the crazy stories of all your friends and determine the best places to travel to in the future.

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