I have been cursed with the inability to look at a computer screen for a long period of time. The past several days I had been getting headaches, they started out mild and progressively got worse with each day. I would wake up just fine but it wouldn’t take long for a slight ache to appear in my head. I tried to remedy my headaches everyday with different methods, I would drink water to make sure I wasn’t dehydrated, I would eat, I would try to get extra sleep, for a while I was convinced it was due to stress (it slightly was), until I noticed my headaches would come after looking at a screen either my computer or my phone for about 45 minutes and that window of time grew shorter with each passing day. The nights I tried to fall asleep with a pounding in my head I had been looking at my computer screen not 5 minutes before.

I had no choice, I had to lay off the time I spent looking at my phone and my computer. I am sad to say the first day I did this, I had absolutely no idea what to do with myself. I walked around my apartment aimlessly, before I preceded to sit in various spots through my living room. I finally managed to put on a movie and just listen and not stare at the screen. Eventually I could keep myself entertained for longer without my computer and phone.

Being in college is not a good time to not be able to look at a computer screen not to mention with two online classes. I had no choice, even if it gave me a headache I had at least one assignment every day I needed to be on my computer to do and turn in. I figured I would just have to suffer through the pain. The first couple of days I managed to get my assignments done but I did have to deal with a headache half of the time I was working on them. As the week progressed my computer habits got better. I have been able to stay off my computer more and when I use it I can focus on getting my assignments done. Before it would take me far longer to complete my homework and I realize that it was because I would get distracted and not put all my attention into what I was doing.

The headaches may have had horrible timing coming on when half of my classes are online and I have to look at a scree but they also seem to be a blessing in disguise giving me better habits.