I Stand With The Students Of Harvard University

I Stand With The Students Of Harvard University

Harvard is supposed to be prestigious and full of opportunities, so why are they letting their student body down?


In 2016 Harvard University instituted a sanctions policy that punishes students who join off-campus single-sex organizations. This policy prevents students from being able to hold leadership roles in any Harvard organizations or sports teams and makes them ineligible for any post-graduate fellowships and scholarships affiliated with Harvard University.

Before this sanctions policy was put in place, one in FOUR undergraduates belonged to a single-sex organization. These include sororities, fraternities, and other clubs with all-men or all-women members.

For male and female students alike, this policy has devastated the Harvard undergraduate student body, and stripped away their opportunities for social involvement. Almost all Greek organizations have shut down, and once-proud clubs have had to renounce their status as women's or men's social organizations.

Earlier this month, on December 3rd, a handful of sororities, fraternities, and students filed federal and state lawsuits in opposition of this policy on the grounds that the implemented sanctions are in violation of their rights as students guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and Title IX that protect them from sex discrimination.

The lawsuits have garnered the support of nearly 100 single-sex organizations.

Now, I am all for equality and inclusion, but Greek life is an important aspect of who I am, and if my university decided to punish me on the basis of being a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha, I'd be both heartbroken and furious.

Joining a sorority isn't for everybody, and I sure didn't think it was for me. But after being in college for two months and making zero friends, I decided that a sorority couldn't be worse than sitting in my dorm all alone. What I found was not only better but life-changing. I not only met women my age, but I connected with them. They've made my college experience one I could have only dreamed of.

Taylor Rose

When I thought that the people I met would be the best part of Greek life, the universe proved me wrong, again. I have had some of the most amazing career and volunteer opportunities through my sorority. I've gotten to reach people I never would have otherwise and help them in the most satisfying ways.

I've gained more leadership experience and more chances to network than I've ever gotten before in high school or college. I finally got to be part of an atmosphere that not only values but implements my opinions. I get to lead groups of women and learn leadership techniques that will assist me for the rest of my life.

The door of opportunities opened so much wider for me just by saying yes to a sorority. The amount of meaningful friendships in my life has grown exponentially, all because I said yes to a sorority. I feel safe and accepted and finally comfortable in college, all because I said yes to a sorority.

I've gained a second family full of women who are equally as crazy as I am, but in the best ways, all because I was allowed the opportunity to join a single-sex organization.

I'm not saying that co-ed organizations are bad or invaluable because I'm a member of those too. But to take away an opportunity for a man or woman to find a safe place, an organization they can thrive in, or a group of people they can escape to, goes against the entire outlook that colleges and universities are supposed to promote and encourage.

To the students of Harvard, I appreciate you for standing up to discriminatory policies like this one, and I stand with you.

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7 Reasons You Should Order A Vodka/Water/Lime When You're Out

There’s a reason the Vodka/Water/Lime is the number one drink at The Strip every weekend.

We’ve all been through it. Whether it was sometime in high school, out freshman year of college or the day we turned 21, at some point you have or will tried to order a drink while you’re out on the town. I’m here to end all the experimentation, and give you a go-to drink that is sweeping across college campuses everywhere, the Vodka-Water-Lime, and the reasons why, are clear to see.

1. It will keep you hydrated

It may seem trivial but hydration is key if you’re planning on drinking any amount any time, or so I have been told. But let’s face it, biology grants us the ability to chug concoctions called 4-Lokos with ease while drinking the recommended amount of water per day almost impossible. The drink that solves both issues—Vodka-Water-Lime.

2. It doesn't taste that bad

I’ll admit I was a little skeptical at first, but this drink isn’t that bad to swallow, especially when you think about some of the other things you could be drinking. There’s a reason why the only way people can drink tequila is in shot from or in a lime slushy. As the old saying goes: if you drink enough everything just tastes like water, and this one already has water in it!

3. It gets you drunk

That’s right. It does the job. Isn’t that really all we want in a drink anyway, everything else is just trivial.

4. It establishes immediate common-ground

What is that girl next to you at the bar about to order? You guessed it. Now imagine that you are about to order the same thing, she is practically begging to dance on you at this point, it’s that easy.

5. Easy, Quick, Universal

There are just three simple ingredients, and the amounts of which are subject to your personal preference and tolerance levels. It doesn’t require the aid of Chet the self-proclaimed mixologist to make—it’s so easy a baby could do it! And it’s known virtually everywhere, if you’re ever in a place that doesn’t have either vodka, water, or limes, you’re probably there against your will anyway.

6. Health Benefits

Since most people don’t drink liquor straight, the use of a chaser or mixer is required, but we all know the problems that causes. Sugar and alcohol don’t mix well, not to mention the calories in soda. Vodka-Water-Lime has not calories and no sugar added. On top of that, the presence of water and lack of soda is almost a guarantee that you won’t be hungover the next day.

7. It's shameless

With all of the numerous benefits, it’s impossible to give someone a hard time for ordering this, yet it happens. Becky’s friends may tell her that she looks great and shouldn’t be concerned about her calories. WELL MAYBE BECKY JUST LIKES THE TASTE. Still, Bradley may get bold and order one out with the boys, but since there’s nothing to crack open, he may be the butt of their jokes, but Bradley knows that he made the right choice.

NOTE: limes can be substituted for other in-season citrus fruits.

There’s a reason the Vodka-Water-Lime is the number one drink at The Strip every week. The facts are there; it’s not fake news. Vodka-Water-Lime should be your new drink. It’s not just something you adopt in college or for a few nights out, it’s a lifestyle. The Vodka-Water-Lime is classy and sophisticated, it is a drink that you can order somewhere fancy like a restaurant or a Carnival cruise ship, or even on your wedding night.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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Joining A Sorority Was The Best Decision Of My Life

I have met my future bridesmaids, my best friends, and now my family.


When I was in high school, I always thought about how college would be once I graduated. I thought about what classes I would take, what the campus would look like, and what I would major in. The thing I was concerned about the most was how I as going to make friends. I was moving to a college a couple of hours away from my home and I was not going to know anyone. I was literally picking up my life and moving it without knowing what lies before me.

I was talking to my aunt right after I graduated and she asked me if I would be interested in sorority life. I had never thought about being in a sorority before. We talked it over and she told me about all the things she got to do when she was at college. She told me things such as what events she got to be in, the people she met, and the friends that she still keeps in touch with to this day. I decided right there that a sorority was a good choice for me.

The closer towards the end of summer, the more excited I got for college and possibly joining a sorority. I did my research before coming into college about what sorority I could see myself in. I was super nervous and doubted myself at times but I pushed forward and kept pursuing sorority life. I was invited to a summer social where you go and get to meet a handful of the actual girls in these sororities and ask them any questions you have.

When I got there, my mom and I were so excited. We got upstairs and everything looked so pretty. All the girls were so nice and welcoming and it really made me fall in love with my college even more. I got to talk to each sorority through a representative. I knew by the end of the day that sorority life was going to be a great adventure, but I had no idea just what I was getting into.

The recruitment weekend was super stressful. I had to get up early each morning and be in full glam mode which for me means hair done and makeup fully on. We had specific outfits to ear each day. I was very nervous that something would go wrong and I would not get picked or the girls would not like me. Each party that I went to was different but it showed me all kinds of different aspects of each sorority.

Each one had something great about them and I thought I knew which one fit me best, but I would soon be proven wrong. The last day of recruitment was Bid Day. This is the day you find out what sorority you will be joining if you accept the bid from that sorority. I opened my envelope and saw a name that I was not expecting and I was devastated. I felt unaccepted. I had received a bid from Delta Zeta. This is not the name I wanted to see on my paper, but it is what I got so I stuck it out and tried to look on the bright side.

I quickly realized that getting the bid from Delta Zeta was the best thing that ever happened to me. I have found that sorority that I dreamed of when I first thought about joining a sorority. I have made so many friends and met some many wonderful people. My sisters love me for me and it has made me the happiest girl in the world.

Not only are they your own personal therapist, but they help you with school too. They hold you to a higher standard and you are placed on a pedestal of honor when people see you in your letters. I have met my future bridesmaids, my best friends, and now my family. I am so thankful for Delta Zeta for picking me to be apart of this amazing organization. I will never be able to express my love for Delta Zeta because the words are endless.

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