You walk past a hot guy on the quad, and you know he is the one.

You strut your stuff hoping to catch his attention.

Crap, he saw you staring creepily and you make awkward eye contact.

Abort. Abort.

You ask your friend if she knows him, and she does.

Hallelujah, let the social media stalking commence.

You find out his Instagram is public -- can this day get any better?

God bless, now you can creep on all his pictures.

You see those shirtless pictures from his trip to the beach and admire him.

Dang, dad bods are overrated, look at that bod. What a fine piece of meat.

You are 142 weeks back and accidentally like a picture of him and a girl.

Who is this girl in the picture, anyway?

She's gonna get cut. Who does she think she is taking pictures with my crush, moving into my territory?

Is she his girlfriend?

My life is ruined, I'm going to die alone.

Oh, that's awkward -- it’s his sister.

Crisis adverted.

You day dream about him constantly, where you profess your love to one another.

Your friend asks what guys you are talking to lately, and who you will ask to the next date party.

You finally snap back to reality, and realize he still has no idea who you are.

All your dreams are crushed. Oh ,well, it was still fun while it lasted.