We've all been there. You start texting a new cute guy whether you met him at a party, Starbucks, or you were set up by your friends. Here's the whole process as told by GIFs:

1. After you text them first

We all know that jittery feeling after we send the text for the first time. You immediately think of a million things you could have said instead, but eventually find peace in what you actually texted.

2. When you're tired but want to keep talking to them

You've been texting them all day and are annoying in your attempt to get to know them. You are enjoying this so much, you do not mind missing a couple of hours of sleep to keep talking to them.

3. Using "lol." A lot.

Lol has been around since instant messaging first came to be. When you first start texting someone, you add "lol" in almost everything even when it's not funny.

4. Ignoring/pausing reality to continue the conversation

We are all guilty of this: zoning out of class or a conversation because you're too busy texting.

5. Debating whether you should use emojis or not

There's always a debate whether to use emojis or not. On one hand you want to use the emoji to portray an emotion not in the text, but you also do not want to use too many. Ugh, the struggle.

6. Sending a text, and then thinking of something you could have said

You think you have the perfect text to send, and seconds after hitting send you think of something even better.

7. When they take forever to reply

Things were seemingly going well, then all of the sudden they take hours to reply. You decide you do not have time for this.

8. When they stop replying

Sometimes people stop replying. I guess they got tired of candid and funny texts. Oh well.