With much of the Northeast being hit with snow both this week and last, it's a good time to reflect on the feelings and stages we all experience on such blessed days.

1. When rumors of a snowstorm start circulating

2. Then you get THAT email saying all classes are canceled

3. The excitement is tough to hide

4. With moral and ambition high there are BIG plans for the next day; sleep, Netflix, gym, sledding and maybe even some homework and laundry

5. Then you sleep a little later than planned and remember that your bed is MUCH warmer than the cruel outdoors

6. You finally get your act together and make it outside to play in the fluffy snow for a whole about 20 minutes until you get tired again

7. Then a quick snack because you know 20 minutes outside is VERY taxing

8. After warming up returning to your room you remember the homework you were planning on accomplishing today

9. On top of that, you check your email only to find emails that usually begin with "I hope you're enjoying your day off here is some more work to keep you busy!!!!"

10. In the end, even though the day may not have been as productive as you hoped, no day off ever is