It's fall: the season for cooler weather, changing of leaves, sweaters, college football, and...HOMECOMING! This time of year calls for hard work, dedication, and a little friendly competition. After only a few months of settling into the new school year, organizations at universities across the country come together to participate in this week of festivities. Organizations create a homecoming float as well as take part in activities spread out throughout the week in hopes to win various competitions. After sleepless nights, weeks of planning, and exhaustion, Homecoming week draws near. One might think that it's smooth sailing from this point on, but the stress has just begun. When you feel like giving up, just know that you're not alone and students across the country are experiencing the following stages throughout this week:

1. When you're a new member and someone has to explain to you what a pomp is.

2. Wait so we have to make shapes out of paper?

3. Finding out what other organization(s) you're paired with.

4. When they pass out more paper to pomp right after you finish your stack.

5. Your hands begin to go numb from folding paper for hours.

6. You see people across the room not pomping when you are.

7. When your friend gets the aux cord at a pomping session.

8. Going home after a long day of working on the float.

9. Hearing that one girl that says she LOVES to pomp.

10. Meeting your pomping partner.

11. Realizing that everyone is as stressed as you are.

12. Choosing to pomp instead of studying for a test.

13. You hear that the homecoming court is being announced.

14. When you're ready to give up and it's only the second day.

15. When your big brings you food to pomping.

16. You've worked on the float for so long yet you feel like there's been no progress.

17. Blowing everyone away in the events prior to the parade.

18. Seeing all these pieces of paper are starting to make a design.

19. It's 2 a.m. and the float needs to be done by 9 a.m. but you're trying to stay positive.

20. You leave pomping for the last time.

21. You realize all your work was worth it when you see your float go by