The Many Stages Of Dating As Told By Ross Geller

Ahh, dating. What a rollercoaster of emotions - most of which happy and loving but there are the occasional moments of "Omg I can't even look at you" and "Why are you so weird?". You go from barely knowing anything about a person to knowing every detail of their lives- likes/dislikes, favorite movies and embarrassing middle school and high school stories. But please remember, there is such thing as too much information... even when you're dating. Getting so close to someone you often find yourself picking up on some of their habits, and it can even feel like you are two halves of the same person. With his three divorces, multiple girlfriends and that unforgettable time that they "were on a break" - yea, okay - Ross has been through all the stages of dating.

1. When you realize you've landed a good looking boyfriend.

2. You've been dating for so long that you know what's on each other's mind.

3. When you accidentally share a little too much with each other... sometimes a little mystery is good.

4. When you get into your first big fight and don't want to say something you'll regret.

5. You guys decide on a restaurant to eat at with limited back and forth of "I don't care, babe, you pick!"

6. You realize that s/he is your person and you're always there for them.

7. And you're both just the right amount of crazy.

8. You spend so much time together you're practically the same person.

9. You get to that stage where you start publicly roasting each other.

10. You love them, but you're definitely not ready to share your food.

11. They get out of bed before you were done cuddling and you try to pretend you're okay with it.

12. You do your best to find the perfect gifts for each other.

13. Halfway through getting dressed, you realize you're putting on their clothes instead of yours.

14. You've learned to keep your mouth shut and just let your girlfriend vent about today's drama.

15. You've picked up on each other's weird and annoying habits.

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