The 12 Stages Of Selling Your Soul To Fitbit
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The 12 Stages Of Selling Your Soul To Fitbit

Face it. You're an addict. We all are.

The 12 Stages Of Selling Your Soul To Fitbit
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Every Fitbit owner knows this story all too well. At first, they turned up their nose at the idea of an expensive step counter. Then slowly, without ever really even noticing, they began their descent into Fitbit madness. Here are the 11 stages of selling your soul to Fitbit.

Stage 1: Someone tells you about their Fitbit

Your mom, your teacher or your best friend tells you how much they LOVE their Fitbit and how you absolutely must get one. You don't understand what all the hype is's just a pedometer after all.

Stage 2: You cave and decide to buy one for yourself or you receive one as a gift

At first, it doesn't seem like a big deal, it's just a wristband that counts your steps, right?

Stage 3: You download the app

You get the Fitbit app on your phone and discover that not only can this little wristband count your steps, but it can also figure out how long you sleep, how long you engage in physical activity and you can compete against your friends to have the most steps.

Stage 4: You get your first Fitbit friend request

And then you realize how many of your friends have Fitbits, and frantically send 17 friend requests

Stage 5: You start your first step competition

Now that you have some friends, you invite them all to a "Workweek Hustle" competition.

Stage 6: You wake up the next morning and analyze your sleeping habits.

What??? I woke up 4 times during the night and was restless 12 times??

Stage 7: Your first Workweek Hustle doesn't go exactly as planned

Stage 8: You begin checking your step count obsessively

Only 11,588 steps today? How can that be? I walked to class. And I went to the gym. And I walked to my meeting.

Stage 9: Anytime someone jumps ahead of you in competitions you go for a walk

You walk to the grocery store, classes, meetings, basically everywhere.

Stage 10: You consider selling your car and accepting your new life on your feet

As long as you have a car you won't be making your step goal every day so maybe it's worth it...

Stage 11: You get sad when you have to take it off

You would prefer to wear your Fitbit with all of your formal dresses, uniforms, etc. What do you mean I can't wear my Fitbit to a black tie event?

Stage 12: Fitbit becomes the first app you check when you wake up and the last app you close before falling asleep

Face it. You're an addict. We all are.

Some may call us crazy but nothing gives us quite as much pleasure as opening up that little teal app.

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