The 6 Stages of Autumnal Angst

The angst is real when autumn hits. It is the time of year to start to order the pumpkin spice lattes and pull out your sweaters. Halloween movies must play in the background every night of October. Halloween costume stores start to pop up around your town. You can not go and pick up a simple item at a drug store without picking up a bag or two of candy. The weather is still hot but no one is willing to give up that perfect Instagram photo.

1. The first PSL 'Pumpkin Spice Latte' of the season

2. Which is followed by you burning yourself because it is too hot..

3. You pull out all your sweaters on September 22nd for the first day of autumn.

4. It turns out to be 87 degrees and you are a puddle of sweat

5. Girls try to wear their dark lipstick and it gets everywhere.

6. You buy all the Halloween candy possible and wait to watch '13 Nights Of Halloween'

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