There are so many reasons to be happy. We just struggle to know them.

In a world full of negative connotations, passive aggressiveness, starving children, struggling parents, and lonely elders, there has to be space for a little happiness. We all struggle to remember the smaller ideals that create smiles; let's sprinkle some cheer.

1. Opening up your windows in the spring and letting in fresh warm breeze

2. Shaking a poloroid

3. Decorating a Christmas tree with your family

4. Singing at the top of your lungs at a concert you've been dying to go to

5. Days spent entirely inside and/or in bed

6. The first swim of every summer

7. Staying up late to talk to someone, just because they make you happy.

8. Big bear hugs

9. Thunderstorms that cause no damage

10. Baby laughs, smiles or giggles

11. Actually feeling like you got enough sleep

12. Handwritten letters

13. Sunsets anywhere in the world

14. Family

15. Fireworks

16. Burning/crackling candles

17. Someone loves you, even if you are unaware

18. You more than likely have safe, clean and sterile drinking water

19. Music of any sort

20. A roof over your head

21. Afternoon naps with no alarm

22. New perfume or cologne

23. Rescuing puppies/kittens

24. Shooting stars or big moons

25. Waking up next to someone you love

26. Sunrises

27. Fresh sheets from the dryer

28. Genuine good people in the world

29. Getting butterflies in your stomach

30. Watching the clouds and guessing the shapes

31. Early morning jogs (or walks)

32. Fridays at 5pm

33. Religions

34. Weddings

35. Long showers

36. Education

37. Paying your bills on time

38. Trampolines

39. Freedom of expression

40. Soul food

41. Cupcakes

42. Yoga

43. Stand up comedy

44. Pizza and/or cheese sticks

45. Big comfy sweaters

46. Manicures and pedicures

47. Arriving early to class and/or work

48. Friendships

49. Sunday brunch

50. Campfires

51. Grandmothers homemade cookies

52. City skylines

53. Chai tea

54. Old Disney movies

55. Chick-Fil-A sauce

56. Fuzzy socks (preferably Christmas socks)

57. Coffee shops in small towns

58. Ice cream

59. Having a passion for simply anything

60. McDonalds french fries

61. Binging on Netflix

62. Cashmere blankets

63. The ability to love

Spread joy.