13 Signs Spring Is DEFINITELY In The Air At URI

It's spring here at The University of Rhode Island and we're all here for it. The abrasive wind (for the most part) and chilly winter weather are finally leaving us. The sun is out longer and we can all finally ditch our winter coats in exchange for jean jackets and teddy coats. There are many signs of spring in the air at URI and I've lightly touched on just a few of them. Feel free to comment anything I forgot my fellow Rams. Happy spring!!

1. Birkenstocks

I swear the sun comes out the Birks follow right with it. I have a fake pair and I love them, but I don't know if it's quite warm enough to start wearing them again, even if it's with socks. Birkenstocks are usually one of the first signs that spring is finally here at URI.

2. Guys whip out their shorts the second they hear its above fifty degrees

I've seen guys wear shorts in colder weather, but once it reaches fifty degrees on average, the shorts are brought out. I'm sorry but I don't know how guys function in shorts when it's still this chilly out. I'm out here wishing I still had my winter coat because my teddy coats aren't quite warm enough on colder days. Guys are their own breed I guess.

3. Girls, likewise, bust out their tube tops to wear under cardigans

I've noticed this recently. Not all of us are doing this, but I've seen a few girls (definitely underclassmen) who've worn tube tops on days it's not anywhere close to warm enough to be doing so. They are super cute under a cardigan, but that's when it's a solid fifty-five degrees plus, but I guess to each her own.

4. People decide to just leave class early or skip altogether

My professor told my class about how students in another class she teaches literally just decided they were going to get up and leave class way before the end, and none of them had been excused to do so. It's so easy to just ditch class on a nice day or make up an excuse to leave early, but please don't, because missing class at this stage in the semester could prove detrimental for your grade.

5. You start off walking to class chilly just to become drenched in sweat by the time you get there

I live in Eddy Hall, and by the time I get to Swan or Washburn for my classes, I'm literally drenched. I always feel like it's just me but I know every normal person suffers the same issue once it gets warmer. I could try walking slower, but I know I'll still always end up super sweaty. A part of URI is experiencing this every spring and fall.

6. The influx of spontaneous beach trips

Don't want to study? Go to the beach. Want to liven up your social media? Go to the beach. The beaches here are pretty amazing, and living so close to them makes it hard to say no to a spontaneous beach trip. Just go sit and watch the waves, which is what I do, and bring friends too. It'll help you take a nice mental break from the stress of school.

7. Oh, let's not forget the evidence on Instagram from said beach trips

Guilty as charged, just like everyone else on this campus. Beach pictures are essential for every URI student to take before they graduate. You never know when you'll be this close to a beach again.

8. Greek Week

All of Greek Life competes in events and gets lit for a week straight. Ask anyone in Greek Life and they'll talk your ear off about the most wonderful time of the year.

9. Formal season

Girls get tight dresses and high heels while guys adorn their most suave tux in hopes of getting laid by their date afterward. That's basically formal in a nutshell. Tinder is the prime place for guys and gals searching for dates. Have fun kids!

10. The tight-rope juggler people come out of hibernation

The quad, so dreary and cold in the winter, is now popping with the tight-rope juggler groupies we've all grown to love. They're the embodiment of the word chill. They're their own tribe and that's all I can really say. You all know what I'm talking about.

11. Doing homework takes everything in your soul

I literally have to force myself with everything in me to get homework done. The spring semester lag is real, but it's the home stretch, and we just have to keep telling ourselves that. Once April is done, we're basically home free.

12. Darties!!!

It's darty season and it's all you're going to see on Instagram. Girls and guys will be breaking out only the best from their wardrobe and trashing party houses for the final weeks in the semester before finals. Definitely not getting their security deposits back. But it's worth it.

13. People trying to get donations outside of Ram's Den who we all have to pretend we can't hear when we walk by

I will go out of my way to take the long way to get into Rams Den to avoid these people. No, I don't want you screaming at me to donate. Oh, you take Venmo? Good, not interested. If I'm interested, you'll know. Good day.

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