50 Instagram-Worthy Places In Rhode Island You Need To Visit This Summer
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50 Instagram-Worthy Places In Rhode Island You Need To Visit This Summer

Rhode Island has so many gorgeous places to eat and explore!

50 Instagram-Worthy Places In Rhode Island You Need To Visit This Summer
Christina Hittel

Instagram is hugely popular photo sharing site and with summer right around the corner your probably excited to spend more time outside and share some amazing pictures with your friends! Although Rhode Island is the smallest state there are so many beautiful places to visit.

Hopefully, this article will give you some Instagram inspo!

1. Del's Lemonade, locations across RI

2. Waterplace Park, Providence

3. Iggy's Doughboy's and Chowder House, Narragansett and Warwick

4. Reservoir road, Cumberland

5. The Elephant Room, Cranston

6. URI Bay Campus, Narragansett

7. Raffa Yoga, Cranston

8. The Nitro Bar Coffee Shop, Providence

9. RISD Art Museum, Providence

10. Crazy Burger Café and Juice Bar

11. Taylor Swift's House, Westerly

12. Wicked Tulips Flower Farm, Johnston

13. Brick Alley Pub, Newport

14. Beavertail Light House, Jamestown

15. Savoy Bookshop and Café, Westerly

16. Elms Mansion, Newport

17. Newport Bay, Newport

18. Quonchotaug Breachway, Charleston

19. Cliff Walk, Newport

20. Stepping Stone Falls, West Greenwich

21. Fantastic Umbrella Factory, Charlestown

22. The Farmer's Daughter, South Kingstown

23. Westminster Street, Providence

24. Mohegan Bluffs, Block Island

25. Newport Bridge, Newport

26. URI Greenhouse, Kingston

27. Main Street Coffee, East Greenwich

28. Chase Farm, Cumberland

29. Tree House Tavern, Warwick

30. Sweet Berry Farm, Jamestown

31. Narragansett Seawall, Narragansett

32. Nick's on Broadway, Providence

33. Fort Wetherill, Jamestown

34. Oakland Beach, Warwick

35. Lincoln Woods State Park, Lincoln

36. Roger Williams Zoo, Providence

37. The State House, Providence

38. Pasta Beach, Newport

39. Narragansett Town Beach, Narragansett

40. Cool Beans Café, Narragansett

41. T's Restaurant, Cranston, East Greenwich, Narragansett

42. Burlingame State Park, Charlestown

43. Brickley's Ice cream, Wakefield and Narragansett

44. Tilly's Cheesesteaks, West Kingston

45. Newport Marina and Shipyard, Newport

46. Pea Poddery, Cumberland

47. Smoothy Booty Café, South Kingston

48. Scarborough Beach, Narragansett

49. PVD Doughnuts, Providence

50. Roger W. Wheeler State Beach

This is by NO means a comprehensive list of all the beautiful places in Rhode Island but I hope these 50 got you inspired. It may only take an hour to drive across this tiny state but there is so much beauty across the state of Rhode Island.

Acknowledgments: This article would not have been possible without the photos from my amazing friends and Odyssey team! A special thanks to Em Cronin, Krissy Antone, Casey Whal, Elizabeth Selens, Emma Marino, Christina Hittel, Victoria Tono, Courtney Kay, Elizabeth Lux and Hannah Tremblay!
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