11 Tips You Need Before Going To A Spring Training Game
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11 Things You Need To Know Before Going To A Spring Training Game

Get ready for a day packed full of snacks and sunscreen.

11 Things You Need To Know Before Going To A Spring Training Game

Living in Arizona there are very few things to get excited about. Along with the weather being below 100 degrees, spring training is one of them. With the pre-season games in full swing (no pun intended) baseball in Arizona is an event you don't want to miss. With over 15 MLB teams coming out to the desert to practice their A game, spring training is the best place to see some of your favorite players in action.

I recently went to an LA Dodgers vs. Colorado Rockies game and I picked up a few tips that I wish I would have known before paying $5 for a water bottle. Here are 11 things you should keep in mind before you head out to see your favorite team play ball.

Purchase tickets online before the game.


We bought our tickets online before the game and they were around $9 each. When we checked day-of before the game online the tickets were $6 each. However, if you buy tickets the day of the game at the ticket booth they were around $13 and that's for sucky seats. So double check the prices online before you head to the game!

If you buy tickets ahead of time, try to get seats in the shade.


This is one thing I had no control over. My boyfriend bought the tickets and I sure do wish I was there when he did. Our seats were right behind home plate and we were sitting in the sun the entire game. I suggest that if you are planning on going to a day game to think about where the sun will be during the entirety of the game. If you don't mind sitting in the sun, on plastic seats, then be my guest and skip this step.

Make sure you wear sunscreen.


I don't know if it's the mom coming out in me or what, but the second I heard that the game started at 1 p.m. I said to my boyfriend, "You need to put on sunscreen. Trust me, you'll thank me later." Boy, was I right. Even though it was only 76 degrees and there was a slight breeze, sit in that sun for longer than an hour and you'll be as red as Justin Turner's iconic beard.

Pack some snacks to munch on.


Ask yourself this, are you okay with spending $8 on a hot dog and a drink? Didn't think so. I packed two PB&J sandwiches and yes, I know, another mom move, but in the long run, it saved us an extra $16. So it pays to be a mom sometimes.

Make sure everything in your backpack is allowed inside.


Of course you are going to want to bring a bag to put your camera, phone charger, extra sunscreen, and water bottle in. But make sure that you double check that everything in your bag is allowed in the stadium.

My boyfriend brought his camera bag with him and he had his drone in there as well. The oh so ~kind~ security guards wasted no time telling him that it was not allowed inside. So he had to walk all the way back to the car and almost wasn't allowed back inside because they had already scanned his ticket.

So just be sure you don't bring anything worth causing a scene.

Bring a hat with you.


Since you most likely won't know what the weather is going to be like when you go out that day, it is always smart to bring a hat with you. I didn't bring one and I ended up coughing up $30 to get a LA Dodger's hat so my head wouldn't get sunburnt. I figured it was an investment in my relationship so maybe it wasn't a complete waste. Logan, if that doesn't say commitment I don't know what does. :)

Don't be afraid to ask someone to take your picture!


Take a pic or it didn't happen! If you go with a friend, sibling, significant other or maybe you're taking yourself on a date don't be afraid to ask someone to take a picture of you. Make sure you get the field in there and if you're lucky maybe a few cute #baseballbutts.

Bring a blanket and spread it out on the lawn.


If you're tired of the typical stadium seating, most of the stadiums offer lawn seating. This is a great opportunity to see the game from a different angle. Bring some snacks and make a picnic and watch your favorite team in action!

Bring a ball and grab an autograph.


The reason most fans attend spring training is because it gives them an opportunity to see some of the biggest stars in the MLB up close and personal. Most teams have practices that are open to the public and this is a great way to grab a quick sig from your fav baseball crush. *heart eyes*

 This might be a given, but drink water.


This won't be hard if you're under 21; however, if you have been around for 21 years you know that alcohol is available pretty much anywhere. It's hard to avoid especially if there is a guy yelling, "COLD BEER!!!" Just don't do it, choose water. If it's a hot day beer will just make you bloated and dehydrated. No one needs that when they're trying to get a cute picture for the 'gram.

Don't stress, enjoy yourself and have fun.


Don't forget why you're there in the first place. You're there for the spirit of game. Enjoy it! It might be stressful getting there, parking, finding your seats, but in the end it's all about the game we all know and love.

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