With spring break right around the corner, many people have begun planning trips with friends and family. However, because these spring get-a-ways can become quite pricey, here is a list of other great spring activities that won't kill your bank account.

1. Go for a hike.

Spring weather is the perfect weather - it's not too hot, it's not too cold, it's just right. In addition, all the flowers are beginning to blossom and all the wildlife reappears from their winter hibernation. Enjoy this short but beautiful transition by going on a hike.

2. Go for a bike ride.

Another great way to enjoy the spring weather is by going for a bike ride. Consider going for a bike ride after a hike - it would be a great way to cool down and feel the wind in your hair.

3. Have a picnic.

Grab some friends and family, some sandwiches, some fruit, and a blanket! Picnics are easy to put together and a great alternative to eating inside on a lovely day.

4. Plant a garden.

Perhaps you are like me and don't have a green finger, but for those of you who are good with planting or want to give it a shot, spring it the perfect time to start planting a garden.

5. Plan a barbecue/bonfire.

Imagine a day with family and friends that begins with playing outdoor lawn games and eating hot dogs and hamburgers, and ends with smores' and a gathering around a bonfire. What could be better than that?

6. Plan a camping trip.

You don't need to rent an expensive RV to go camping- in fact, sleeping in a car takes away from the experience of camping. Grab a tent, some pillows, blankets, bug spray, and other camping necessities and spend the night (or several nights) camping outdoors!

7. Spend a day at the zoo.

One of my personal favorite things to do is spend the day at the zoo looking at and learning about different animals. It's great exercise too because you spend all day on your feet walking around. Don't forget to bring a few extra dollars to buy a nice cool lemonade!

8. Go fishing.

Fishing is a cheap and simple activity you can do with friends and families on a nice spring day. Just grab some poles and worms and you're good to go.

9. Attend a carnival.

Between the cotton candy, the rides, the games, and the people, carnivals are always a blast!

10. Visit a museum.

Museums are a great way to spend the day learning new things. Perhaps you could visit a museum on a rainy spring day or when it's just too hot to be outside.

11. Play in the rain.

"April showers bring May flowers". Some people enjoy staying inside and simply admiring the sound and appearance of rain while remaining dry, but I always recommend taking advantage of the weather. Go outside, play in the rain, and jump in the puddles!

12. Make smoothies.

Strawberry banana, blueberry, raspberry.... Have whatever type of smoothie your heart desires; you can't go wrong.

13. Go horseback riding.

Horseback riding may be on the more expensive side compared to the other activities on the list, but it's still a great experience to have!

14. Learn a new skill.

Learn how to do something you've never done before (or something you've never been very good at). For ideas: learn how to crochet, to knit, to cook, to bake, or to play an instrument.