There's a stereotype when it comes to college kids and the week of Spring Break. But I am not a typical college student, and I am not getting "turnt" or wasted during Spring Break. So here are a few things that I hope will influence your vacations.

1. Go to the botanical gardens

Grab a Polaroid and you're in the making for a great scrapbook

2. Read a new book, or two

I don't know about you, but college takes up pretty much all my time. I remember when I used to love reading a book and finishing it in one day.

3. Volunteer in your community

During school we think about what we have to do all the time. But maybe during Spring Break you can take some time to think about others.

4. Sleep

This is my #1. Staying up until 3:00 am is not in the picture for me. If we do this when class is in session, why waste your sleep time when you have an entire week to catch up?

5. Catch up on your favorite shows

Lay in bed and binge watch.

6. Have a pamper day

Your skin and body will thank you for this. We neglect ourselves while we're stressing over grades.

7. Learn how to cook family recipes

Being in a kitchen with generations of family is so nostalgic and something you'll never forget.

8. Go to the movies

Treat yourself to a new movie! And yes, get popcorn!

9. Spend quality time with your siblings

You know you really miss them!

10. Work out

I don't know about you, but walking to class everyday, and upstairs, is my idea of my workout... So maybe over the break you can try some new moves, like yoga or kick boxing!

11. Have a game night

Grab your family or your closest friends and enjoy some Trivial Pursuit or Cards Against Humanity.

12. Go hiking

Enjoy the view and the warm breeze of Spring!

13. Catch up on car maintenance

Get your oil changed and wash and vacuum your car out. I run out of time when classes are in to do anything for my car.

14. Clean

I always need to clean out my closet, but clean away your dust and cluttered room!

15. Garden

Waking up early when the mornings are warm but have a cool breeze is the most amazing feeling. Enjoy gardening and you'll have a beautiful flower bed to see every morning!

The typical Spring Break is overrated in my book. It should be the time we take for ourselves, to really check in with ourselves and get ready for that next half of the semester. Rethink your break this year and break the status quo!