6 Small Things In Life That Give You Good Vibes

Just a couple things that make me happy... I hope they make you happy too!

1. Messages on the sidewalk

When a sidewalk is being made, and the concrete is wet and the tape clearly says do not touch, but some people still do anyway. I love those people. They make me smile with their rebellious little hearts, probably feeling a sense of intense thrill as their handprint is forever engraved on the ground where thousands will eventually stroll. Sometimes they make me wonder, did Sam and Jamie stay best friends forever and was engraving the word "poop" really worth it?

2. Humidity

I love thick, foggy wet heat. Even though my hair frizzes and my pit stains are extremely evident, I enjoy how utterly alive I feel. It transports me to a tropical paradise where I can almost hear the ocean. It smells like earth and nature and reminds me of green.

3. Maps

The concept of maps intrigues me. The idea that one piece of paper could encompass the entire world seems absolutely mind-blowing. The way the shapes of each country fit together and the different shades of pastel colors used to mark their boundaries create a unique visual appeal. It makes my far away dreams appear so surprisingly close.

4. Dogs

Dogs are such pure beings that humans do not deserve. Their innocence and their playfulness just incites a certain joy in my heart when I see them. They are like the better versions of humans with all their different shapes, sizes, colors and personalities.

5. Keys

Keys are mysterious. Every time I see them dangling on a chain, I automatically wonder, "What can it open?" Maybe they are the keys to a cute blue Volkswagen Passat or a gigantic mansion on a hill. The air of suspense allows me to think and imagine.

6. Cards

There are 52, and without one, the whole deck falls apart. It's poetic in a way, where without one there is none. The simple hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades shine together or not at all in the regal colors of black and red.

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