An Open Letter to Covid-19

Dear Corona,

Day 7 without professional sports, and let me tell you it's be tough. Thanks to you, the United States sports fans have been left watching old highlights, and filling out makeshift brackets of the top fast food restaurants in the country. It's not fair. For the first time in the history of professional sports, there is nothing on. Literally nothing each and everyday. It has become so dire that football players signing huge million dollar contracts is our only source of entertainment. As you ravage through the states, picking up more and more people on your terror, just know you won't ever be forgotten. You've made the sports world stop. Legit stop. From little league to professional, sports we have nothing. You've taken seasons away from seniors across the country, you've taken hope away from should be champions, you've taken everything. Forever, Sports have always been a gateway from madness. When tragedy has hit this country many people turned to sports to just forget reality and yet you, this terrible, stupid, disgusting virus has manage to taken that away. Your impact on us will forever live in agony. When the sports world looks back at 2020 we will remember no NCAA tournament, no NBA champion, no Stanley cup, no European soccer champion, a shortened MLB season, and all because of you. There are too many words to express the dysfunction you have put this country in, and in my opinion it was the moment you took away professional sports from us was there moment this became real, uncharted territory.

And now, to all my sports people out there, we will get through this, and we can dream of the day which seems like forever ago that we are glued to our TV soaking in every last minute, inning, and goal we can. We don't know when that day will come, but let's hope it's fast. I know this virus is serious, and more serious than sports, but the sports world needs some acknowledgment. Now let's keep washing our hands, social distancing and get through this, because we need normal back, and normal for many people is turning on their tv and watching their favorite sport. Stay safe! God Bless.

Yours Truly,

A Lost Sports Fan.

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