It's time to change up the usually haunted places and conspiracy theories surrounding those that I usually write about. This time, we are diving into famous sports conspiracy theories. So get your sports cap on, pals.

1. Michael Jordan's first retirement 

Michael Jordan, the man, the myth, the legend has been declared one of the greatest basketball players. He led the Bulls to six championships in two different sets of three-peats. Jordan was no stranger to controversies during his career.

The biggest controversies surrounding him was his gambling addiction. The NBA launched an investigation after the Bulls won their third championship. And around four months later, he unexpectedly retiring.

But, was he forced too by David Stern to protect the NBA's and Jordan's image? Theorists believe it was the NBA's way of covering up his problems so it wouldn't ruin their image. Jordan even mentioned in an interview, that he might come back in they would let him when no such question asked about his return.

Jordan did make his return to basketball in 1995 and went on to win three more championships in a row with the Bulls.

Why did Jordan really retire? Did he retire to fulfill his father's wish of him wanting to play baseball or was it because the NBA was trying to keep a clean image?

2. NBA rigged the 1985 NBA Draft 

Patrick Ewing was one of the top picks for the 1985 draft. And many believe Commissioner David Stern and the NBA rigged the draft lottery so the New York Knicks could pick first because they were needing a center player.

The theory surrounds the envelope with the Knicks name it. Ewing was fresh out of college and a top choice after having a successful career with Georgetown. The Knicks were struggling, the NBA was losing attendance, along with money problems and a cocaine problem where the league had to suspend 23 teams.

Many started to speculate that the envelope with the Knicks name in it was picked on purpose. Bill Simmons theory says the Knicks envelope was banged against the side of glass drum which folded the corner of the envelope so Stern would pick it.

Another theory says the Knicks envelope was placed in a freezer before the lottery to make it easy for Stern to know which one is the Knicks.

Where the Knicks chosen on purpose for first pick in the draft because of how bad the Knicks were and the NBA was desperate to help them? Or was it just pure luck?

3. Roger Goodell caused the Super Bowl Blackout 

Back in 2013, the lights at the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisana suddenly went out in the third quarter. The Ravens were up 28-6 but the 49ers closed the gap to 28-23. But some believe the blackout was not caused by a power failure, but by someone else.

Ravens linebacker Terrel Suggs said the blackout was a ploy caused by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Suggs believes Goodell did not want the Ravens to have a landslide of a win.

4. Muhammad Ali's phantom punch 

On May 25th, 1965 Muhammad Ali would beat Sonny Liston to reclaim his world heavyweight title. It took Ali one minute and forty-four seconds to defeat Liston. The punch Ali threw, knocked Liston on his back, roll over to his front and tried to stand but failed.

Ali's punch became known as the "Phantom Punch" since it happened so fast. It was like the speed lightening, it happened so fast if you blinked you missed it.

But, was Ali's punch that brutal or did Ali just wear down Liston to take home the belt?

5. NHL rigged the 2005 Draft 

The Pittsburgh Penguins were bankrupt and their franchise was still in trouble. Then in the 2005 NHL draft, the team won the lottery draft for Sidney Crosby. one of the best players in the Hockey League and an agreement to build a new arena.

But, did the NHL rig it in favor for the Penguins to come back out on top?

The sports world has more underlying problems than what the people in charge of the Leagues and media want us to know. But one thing is for sure, there will never be a dull moment surrounding anything in sports.