Everybody's A Critic

Everybody's A Critic

My spidey senses are tingling; what's going on with these comic book movies?


We have a lot of superhero movies coming out these days. It came through like a plague and swept the whole media industry. Television shows, Netflix and cartoons are all broadcasting and streaming the world of comic book heroes at a whole new level. Some people are new to the world of tights and capes while others have been emerged in it since they were kids. So it is easy to ridicule the fandom and the excitement of the die-hard for people who have been exposed to just the cinematic portrayal of these characters. The whole of the fandom seems to closely analyze and harshly criticize the box office giant motion pictures of the adaptations of the characters they grew up reading about. It seems that there is always a divide with two extreme sides of people when it comes to a lot of things and that has not spared the world of comic book and its expending media industry. All I'm saying is that we all need to slow down, relax and enjoy the exciting big screen entertainments all while at the same time understand that there is a deep history behind the characters and stories.

Comic books made their first debut in the late 1920's as comic strips sold at newsstands. The first super hero was created in 1936l this character was the first hero who wore a costume and did not have any above human abilities but instead fought crime with amazing stunts and bravery. Some of the things that ran through all of the stories of a comic strip would be humor, adventure, feats of bravery in the face of a sinister, more powerful adversary. In a way it gave people something to laugh at, feel good about and a way of escape, along with the booming popularity of early Television and radio the stories spread to more and more people. At the height of WWII the comic book was a big moral booster for the troops and a great propaganda for the everyday citizen provided by writers who have started to revolutionize their writing style. By this point the stories had the capes, tights and inspiration for the underdogs; to stand up for what is right, to have great responsibility along with great power.

As time continued, technologies advanced and all sorts of entertainment in the form of comic book, graphic novels and memes. Whole generations, families and cultures have been influenced by the worlds of comic book.

Weather its on the big screen, the small screen or in the pages of a comic book, let's try our best to not forget that they all have left a mark on our society, at the very core of our desires to escape the day-to-day life. Comic books have been there as well as other forms of entertainment.

No matter what the big screen may or may not have presented correctly, we should focus on being entertained. No matter how many times we complain, something will be left out because that is how Hollywood works. If you don't know the stories from their original form then get ready for a fun adventures movie portrayed by your favorite actors that may not follow its true story line. In the end these movies and comics are a great way to end the day so don't criticize them too much; the great wall of china wasn't built in a day.

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