Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine's Day is represented as a day of celebrating romantic love, but that excludes those of us who are either in pursuit of love or choose to not date. Let me change that — as romantic love is only one type of love, there are plenty of other ways for you to indulge in the spirit of St. Valentine without the romance!

1. Spend time with friends

Even if you don't consider yourself a romantic, chances are you have friends who also have no partner to share their love with. So why not "partner up" with them and have a fantastic hangout instead of hunting for the next date? Do whatever you can with friends — platonic love is a form of love, after all — spend hours watching movies, go outside and engage in a round of laser tag, or even play "Fortnite" (why would anyone do that, again?).

If you want to further celebrate the mood and kick it up a notch, go on a "date" with them! While it's far from having a partner, it helps fill the void (at least for that one day!) and is probably the one activity that fits the theme of the day. To make things less awkward, make the "date" a lot less conventional, even make it a satire if you want! Regardless of what you do, spending time with friends is guaranteed to distract you from the lack of romance in your life.

2. Treat yourself

Before you can ever love someone else, you have to first be able to love yourself. That means treating yourself when you're in a foul mood, which includes Valentine's Day, too! If you can't hang out with friends, you can always treat yourself to a day of shopping, travel, and fun that you wouldn't do otherwise! Enjoying yourself means you aren't focusing on the lack of romance and are instead living in the moment, free of responsibility. If you work, take a day off and relax! The world is your oyster — make use of it!

Here is what you can do: explore a museum, stroll through a park, or even enjoy with an expensive dinner all to yourself! When it's just you, the possibilities are near endless!

3. Valentine's Day = CHOCOLATE SALE

And before you forget, Valentine's Day is probably the worst day to buy chocolates. However, if you can wait one more day, all the stores that sold enormous quantities of chocolate will probably slash prices by so much that you can buy nearly four to five times as much chocolate as you would have otherwise bought for your Valentine. Nothing comforts more than comfort food, and who doesn't love chocolate? The post-Valentine's sale is probably the best part of Valentine's Day when you can hoard metric tons of chocolate for a very affordable price!

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