We Have A Responsibility To Speak Out Now

We Have A Responsibility To Speak Out Now

Why are we waiting to speak out against men like Matt Lauer?


I was extremely shocked to hear about NBC’s choice to fire Matt Lauer, one of the biggest faces in news, after accusations of sexual misconduct. Growing up I loved watching “Today” with my mom and admire the news anchors, so of course, this is very upsetting and confusing information.

What is even more confusing, though, is that these women took so long to come forward about being abused. So, I must ask the question: why now?

In the past couple of years, accusations of sexual assault and misconduct seem to have become a trend among men in power. These accusations are starting to appear at random after a significant amount of time has passed since the incident.

Take Kevin Spacey as another example. Very recently a group of men came forward about actions that happened years ago indicating that Spacey sexually harassed them. Which brings me to my next trend in this category.

It seems that these victims -- many women but some men -- are speaking up as groups instead of as individuals, which worries me. Have we not progressed at all? This is supposed to be our time ladies. We are going to college, we are getting higher up in the workforce, and building our own companies.

We are taught that we no longer have to be passive towards men, but rather we are strong and independent. So why are we acting like the helpless victim instead of taking the responsibility of standing up to these abusive men?

The fact that all of these women may have put themselves in compromising situations is concerning, and if they really felt their aggressors were a threat, why did they wait so long to come forward?

It's a danger to not only them but to other women, if they feel that person really was a predator. If we don’t confront the situation right away, it allows these actions to keep happening.

Do not get me wrong here, I have learned all about victim blaming and that is not my intention here. I am only offering up a major concern. How can this abuse be stopped if we let it carry on for so long?

Coming from a Catholic all-girls high school, I will be the first to say that Matt Lauer’s actions were completely wrong, unacceptable, and degrading, but there are clear actions that can be taken to avoid or stop inappropriate situations like these.

I’m sure there are people who will argue with this view just to argue, but if we really sit back and think about it -- coming forward years later is much less productive. We have a right and responsibility to speak up now and make a change now.

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