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11 Southern Truths That Only Southerners Will Understand

Bless your heart.

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Kallee Gambrel

Everyone has adjectives that describe them, some more than others. But in the south, there are certain adjectives that describe almost everyone. Growing up in the south has been, an experience. No matter where I go, my southern roots follow and a piece of home is always with me. Although I was ready to move away and get out of the boonies, there will always be a special place in my heart for my southern home and roots. There are so many things that make a southerner well a southerner, but there are certain things that EVERY down south, hill jack can relate to (if you know, you know).

1. The accent

"Where are you from???" If I've been asked once, I've been asked 1,000,000 times. My response is always the same and the look on their face is also always the same. And if you also have a southern accent, you know the look I'm talking about. No, I didn't use an outhouse growing up, yes I wear shoes, and no I'm not an idiot, I just have a southern accent. People are constantly making comments or repeating what I say. Just so ya know, southern accents are SUPER cute, don't hate.

2. Southern slang

You're in mid-conversation, you say something very off the wall and everyone around you gives you that look again, you then backtrack on your story and explain your usage of southern slang. We all say these strange sayings. The most used slang word is "y'all." I say it AT LEAST 15 times a day. It's a southern thing.

3. Sweet tea

Just to clarify, I dislike sweet tea, but I do love tea. And I think all southerners can agree that they like some sort of tea. Tea is something that can be consumed in many different forms. Hot, cold, green, sweet, unsweet, etc. Tea is like water, you can do a lot to it.

4. Southern brands

In the south, we pride ourselves with amazing clothing brands such as Vineyard Vines, Southern Marsh, Southern Cotton, Lilly Pulitzer, and many more.

5. Southern charm

This is one of my favorites. Being a lady from the south, I love to hear a young boy have good manners. It's also very attractive when an older boy has good manners. And I'm assuming it's the same for a young lady as well. Manners in general are a positive. Holding doors open for people, saying please and thank you, it's beginning to be something of the past and that's very sad.

6. Fourwheeling

If you've never been mudding/fourwheeling, drop everything and go right now. It's SO fun. We call it "riding" where I'm from and everyone goes, literally. Pack a snack and a cooler and you're set, if you have an ATV that is.

7. Southern hospitality

In the south, we take pride in our hospitality. We welcome people into our homes as if they are apart of the family. Not only do we invite people into our homes but we help one another. The amount of times I've walked out of my house on Friday mornings with the trash can already by the road courtesy of our neighbor is unreal. Believe it or not, but I've asked my neighbor for a cup of sugar and she handed it to me with a smile. It's just a southern thing.

8. Big trucks

EVERY guy in the south drives a loud, jacked up truck. They show off in their nice trucks in town to get attention from the ladies, and trust me, the girls like their trucks just as much as they do. And once they grow up to be men, they still drive their jacked up trucks around town and "roll coal" on people.

9. Friday night lights

High school football is one of my favorite things, there's nothing like it. Being under those lights will never get old. I will forever wish I could cheer one more game under the lights. Everyone gives 110%, it's the purest form of competition. And it's some of my favorite memories from my high school years.

10. Saturday college football

We take football in the south VERY seriously. We love our teams, we would die for our teams, we support our teams even when they're loosing. If you're not at the game, you're at a huge cookout to watch the game every Saturday. And if you go to the game you tailgate all day in hopes your team pulls out a win. GO CATS!!

11. Southern cooking

Cornbread, biscuits and gravy, maters, taters, soup beans, and chicken and dumplings. Southern cooking is my favorite thing about being from the south. Everything is cooked in grease and smothered in something. If you've never had anything I mentioned above, then come visit me and I'll make sure you've tried them all.

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