Growing up in the southern United States, I have had my fair share of extremely hot days during the summer. We're talking upper 90s plus humidity pretty much every day from the end of May until the middle of September. Even though I have dealt with it my whole life, that doesn't mean I don't still compare my day to day routine to these

1. Baking in an oven

Step outside for one second and you're basically a chocolate chip cookie ready to be eaten.

2. Walking through fire

You might as well set yourself on fire and walk around because that's what it feels like anyways, so really what's the difference?

3. Sitting in boiling water

Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit which is how hot it is outside. Give or take a few.

4. Living inside a jalepeno

Nothing makes you sweat like eating a jalepeno. Oh wait, except summers in the south.

5. Being Katniss Everdeen

She's the "girl on fire" and that pretty much sums up summer in the south.

6. Sitting in a sauna

With the humidity as high as it is, it really is a sauna outside.

7. Being between Chris and Chris

You're lying if you say you wouldn't be sweating bullets if that were you.

8. Spending a day in the Sahara Desert

Scorching heat, sun burning down, always looking for water? Sounds about right.

9. Home of Hades

Actually that's a lie. Even Hades would agree it's hotter than hell here.

10. The greatest place on earth

It may be hot, but I promise you there's still nothing like a southern summer.

Summers in the south are brutal. They're hot, humid, and can cause health issues if you don't drink enough water. But I wouldn't want to spend summer anywhere else.