8 Southern Destinations To Escape The Cold This Spring Break
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Spring Break

8 Southern Destinations To Escape The Cold This Spring Break

New Orleans and Mardi Gras is a must do!

8 Southern Destinations To Escape The Cold This Spring Break

This winter has been brutal with the large amounts of snow across the country, and record temperatures of around zero. Popular destinations for spring break are mostly Florida beaches, but there are other places that are just as nice if not nicer, without annoying college kids:

1. New Orleans, Louisiana 

Paul Mannix / Flickr

"The Big Easy" is always a joy. Even though it's a city, New Orleans is relaxing, quiet, has beautiful scenery, and great music. It's even more exciting the first week of March aka Mardi Gras!

2. Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico is known for being a beautiful island in the U.S. It has a true Caribbean feel. With the risk of climate change swallowing low-level areas, it's better to go now than later. Unlike other destinations, Puerto Rico has the El Yunque rainforest and lots of island shopping in San Juan.

3. Charlestown, South Carolina

David Shankbone / Flickr

Much like New Orleans, Charlestown has a similar old town field. Founded in 1670 as a port city, it has great seafood from the day's catch among neighboring beaches. Hilton Head and Folly beach are a short drive away. Seeing historic downtown with local restaurants and horse-drawn carriages make a relaxing experience with Palmetto trees and loads of shopping. Another must see is touring the ship museums on the harbor, including Fort Sumter.

4. Savannah, Georgia

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Famous for filming Forrest Gump, Savannah offers an allure of ghost and walking tours around the city. An abundance of river cruises and ocean activities can be found, including dolphin tours. Also, beaches surround Savannah for time away from the city.

5. Key West, Florida


Known as "the southernmost point in the continental United States," Key West is famous for being a set of islands at the tip of Florida. One main destination is the Key West Shipwreck Treasure Museum featuring artifacts from shipwrecks from the past 400 years. Also, Key West has a lot of parks to take long walks around the city and on the beach.

6. Grand Canyon, Arizona

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The Grand Canyon is a great destination for spring break. It might be on the chillier side, but going during the off-season had its positives. During spring break, the Grand Canyon isn't busy. The Grand Canyon National Park offers park tours. Although in a remote area, the Grand Canyon is peaceful and has astounding views with lots of wildlife.

7. Nashville, Tennessee

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Full of country music, Nashville, Tennessee, is a cultural experience like no other. There's lots of restaurants and nightlife. Not only is there the Grand Ole Opry, but bus tours of where the show, Nashville, was filmed. The Country Music Hall of Fame Museum and a Jack Daniel's distillery bus tour are must do's.

8. Atlanta, Georgia

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Atlanta is famous for the creation of Coca-Cola and the museum is there to prove it. World of Coca-Cola offers tasting different Coca-Cola products, observing the bottling process, history of the Coca-Cola brand, and a film. In addition, CNN is also based in Atlanta and offers studio and newsroom tours. The College Football Hall of Fame is not to be missed and is sponsored by Chick-fl-A of course!

Finally, going somewhere warm and peaceful has its benefits before we are all back grinding on finishing the semester and finals.

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