Finally Spring Break
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Finally Spring Break

A freshman's take on college spring break

Finally Spring Break
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Spring Break: everyone’s savior from midterms. The only break that college students get during the spring semester. No matter how much you love college, this break is desperately needed by all. The weeks leading up to break are the worst. They are filled with lots of exams, coffee, and stress, and very little sleep. Frat parties and bars get emptier and emptier because everyone is at the library with their heads in books. But soon, you manage to finish that final paper, take, and hopefully pass, that last exam, and it is finally spring break. All of your worries seem to slip away and all of the obligations and work you have to do go to the back of your mind because you can only think of one think right now, it is spring break.

There are two different kinds of people over spring break: the party people and the “relaxers”. The party people are the ones that go on the well-known “Spring Break” trip. Many students go to places like Panama City Beach, Florida and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Typically, you go with friends, and you spend the week drinking on the beach and trying to piece together the events from the night before. This is the crazy spring break that is shown in practically every stereotypical movie about college. Beaches, booze, bronzer, and of course, barf. As amazingly terrible as this sounds, every college student goes on the legendary and unforgettable spring break trip at one point in their life.

Then there are the people that do the opposite of partying, and they go home. The “relaxers” typically go home to their nice, comfy beds, and sleep all break. Sleeping in late, eating food that isn’t from a dining hall, watching way too much Netflix, and hopefully hanging out with friends (if any are home), but the chances of that are unlikely, because for some reason, every college your friend goes to has a different spring break. Strange right? And as the end of break nears, you realize how much work you actually have, and how much you should have done, but put it off until the Sunday night before school starts again. Spring break is never long enough. There is never enough time to catch up on all of the sleep deprivation left over from school.

Spring break makes you realize how fast the year is going by. When you get back from break, the year is almost over. As fun as it is to get away for a week, it makes you remember how great school and friends are, and then you become excited to go back, despite the looming threat of more homework and more exams. And let’s be honest, the best part of spring break is getting back to school and seeing your friends again so you can tell each other about all of the crazy (or not so crazy) things you did.

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