Is It Okay For South Carolina To Be Hot All-Year Round?

Is It Okay For South Carolina To Be Hot All-Year Round?

Some people like it, some people -- like me -- misses the autumn.

Sunday morning, I stepped out in my sky blue jean shorts and a deep purple T-shirt into brisk and chilly air grazing my skin. My first reaction -- a wide smile as I headed to Thomson Cafe for breakfast.

Why the smile? The last five or so days yielded cooler temperatures and not-so-oppressive warmth throughout Rock Hill, South Carolina. I’m not sure how it is in Charleston or other parts of South Carolina, but I am so happy that there are cooler temperatures hanging around Rock Hill.

I remember when I was younger and being readily in tune with the shifting seasons in South Carolina. They are rather predictable -- hot from April through August, cool and cold from September through March. The last four or five years have not been so predictable.

2016-2017 was the worst offender of the seasons. Last school year, there was barely are crisp autumn days or normal winter days. I could count on my fingers the number of actual winter days we had in Rock Hill before we went back to shorts, capris and short-sleeved tops. Christmas in Charleston was basically 75 degree weather.

However, some people prefer the summertime temperatures throughout the autumn. Some enjoy not having the sting of winter or the creeping chills of autumn. If you’re that type of person, then I’m happy for you! Enjoy the weather while the seasonal norms of South Carolina are out of whack.

From checking the Weather Channel’s website, it looks like we’ll be getting temperatures between 65 degrees and 85 degrees for the next ten days in Rock Hill. I’m betting the chilly days are because of the recent hurricane weather from Irma and Harvey, but they are a breather from the heavy heat of the summer and the first two weeks of school. Whether if you love the sun or not, heat indexes of 100+ degrees is not good.

In summary, I’m going to enjoy the heck out of this chilly weather before it goes away for another potential three months. Or I’m completely pessimistic and the South Carolina autumn may actually make a return this year. Guess we’ll see.

Cover Image Credit: Winthrop MBA (WordPress)

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14 Things To Ask Your Amazon Echo

At least the Amazon Echo laughs at my jokes.

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1. "Computer, tell me a joke."

2." Computer, can you laugh?"

3. "Computer, tell me a story."

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