11 Tips For Curing Your Writer's Block
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11 Tips For Curing Your Writer's Block

How I am trying to cure this age-old ailment

11 Tips For Curing Your Writer's Block
St. Thomas

Okay, I am going to admit it. I have writer’s block. I have spent the past week grappling with ideas to write about but I have come up with nothing. Nada. Zilch. Part of me attributes it to the fact I have started a new job and come home every day completely drained. This scares me since I love to write and need it for so many things, including Camp NaNoWriMo (a month long online writing “camp”), that starts tomorrow. For those like me who are struggling, I have complied a list of things that many be able to help you get those creative juices flowing again. I really should try out a few.

1. Read

We writers live for words write? Looking at a writing that isn’t your own could help you get ideas for plot, style, and some any other important writing elements. Try reading something not in your genre to maximize your ideas.

2. Listen to music or different music than you usually do

I get stuck in music ruts a lot. Listening to the same Pandora station for hours causes me to freeze while writing. I like to switch up the gene and tempo of the music I listen to constantly to keep the creative energy flowing.

3. Go for a walk or run

Moving can really stimulate great ideas. I have come up with some of my best stuff while running. Plus, looking at scenery generates great ideas.

4. Meditate

Reseting your mind can do wonders. The aim of mediation is to clear your mind so you feel refreshed. This can help discard all the ideas in your head and help you start with a clean slate.

5. Watch TV

TV isn’t just for procrastinating. A lot of good TV shows help you understand character and plot development better. A lot of the time, I will sit and watch Netflix and take notes on a shows elements so I can borrow them later.

6. Go people watch

Find a nice spot where there are a lot of people walking around and just watch them. Observing human behavior is great to help you write more believable characters and stronger dialogue and you see some strange stuff while watching people.

7. Play with a kid

Kids are seriously the best. They have no fear of rejection and will literally say whatever they want. They can help you come up with creative ideas that many adults would discard immediately.

8. Change writing locations

Don’t just sit at your desk all day. Go to the park or a coffee shop to write so you don’t feel like you are in a rut. It seriously works.

9. Find prompts on Pinterest

There are so many cool prompts on Pinterest that can easily help you jump start something and a lot of them are really wacky. I have actually used one to start and entire book.

10. Talk to other writers

Bouncing ideas off of other people is both scary and helpful. On one hand, you fear rejection, on the other, hearing validation and constructive criticism is so useful. Find some writer friends, whether that be online or in person.

11. Internet Surf

The internet is a wild place. You can find so many fascinating stories from around the world that can really inspire you. Just don’t get stuck on it for too long!

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