How To Survive Sorority Recruitment At The University Of Alabama

How To Survive Sorority Recruitment At The University Of Alabama

What all freshman girls should know when rushing the best greek life school in the country.


Girls all across the country are currently studying for high school exams. If I'm going to be honest, I had a case of senioritis the second week of senior year. I spent most of my time planning out my dorm room, what I would wear to game day, but summer recruitment was not something I initially thought I was going to take part in.

Although I did know someone in Greek life at Alabama, here are some of the things I wish I knew while going through recruitment.

1. Bring comfortable shoes

Now I can't tell you everything that happens behind the gates of sorority land, but I can tell you this... we don't see you outside of our house. whatever you choose to wear, carry or eat outside of our house, we cannot see. We know it is survival of the fittest during recruitment so whatever you need to do to get through this week, please prepare for. Let me paint you a scenario...

It is the middle of recruitment and you have back to back parties, but your cute heels hurt too much to book it from house to house. You are in pain, sweating like crazy and you are not showing your best self because your feet are bleeding and you are miserable...

DONT LET THIS BE YOU! Pack a good pair of tennis shoes or slip ons. whatever you are more comfortable in bring. In this case, you will have more time to get to your next house because I don't know about you, but turtles pass me when I walk in heels. You can always change into heels right before your next party and you will be ready to walk into any house as if it was the Victoria Secret runway.

2. Prepare for a hurricane 

Put it this way... If sorority houses have to practice an alternative party plan because of a tornado or rain delay... YOU SHOULD PACK A UMBRELLA!

Story Time: When I rushed, I checked the weather app more than I checked Instagram. Although SIRI said there was no cloud in sight I still packed a rain jacket and umbrella. other than packing these survival tools, I did my hair accordingly. Between the heat and the humidity, expect your curls to fall. There is nothing wrong with wearing your hair straight or in a cute ponytail.

3. Pack logically 

Without a doubt, these are the things I either couldn't live without or wish I packed during recruitment. Some may be completely random, but you will thank me later.

A portable fan: YOU WILL SWEAT! in this case, you can stay cool, prevent your makeup from melting, and just prevent any aggravating discomfort that Alabama weather bestowed during the middle of the summer. I would look into Amazon to see what fans they have to offer because I cannot guarantee there will be any left in Tuscaloosa, for every sorority girl will have their hands on them.

Extra makeup/oil wipes: I wouldn't pack every single brush I own and my whole contour kit, but maybe consider packing some counselor or lip gloss to finish your look. If you plan on wearing fake eyelashes, pack glue because they will fall off. Oil wipes are always good to keep your face looking fresh and not to mention it is very uncomfortable when you feel like your foundation is melting.

Towel: You're not going swimming, but there will be times where you are waiting for hours to go into your next party. instead of standing you may want to take a seat on the nice clean pavement. Use a towel to not only prevent your nice dress from getting dirty, but asphalt gets very hot in the sun.

Spray Deodorant: I like this because it kept me smelling fresh and didn't stain on my clothes and It was a quick adjustment

Dry Shampoo: Fun tip. if your hair is starting to fall or the texture is getting a little oily, spray some dry shampoo to only lift your hair, but make you look like you just stepped out of the salon.

Snacks: In between breaks, sometimes you are not allowed to leave your group or lunch won't be in another couple of hours. Always have a granola bar or some candy to keep your sugar up.

Most importantly DRINK LOTS OF WATER! Best of luck during recruitment!

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12 Things You Need To Go Thank Your RA For

They are basically your mom or dad away from home.


This year is my fifth year of going to college and I've had three different RA's as well as multiple friends that became RA's through our journey. Being an RA sounds like a super cool job that has a lot of perks but it is HARD WORK and your RA deserves all the thanks in the world.

1. They welcome you to your university.

The first day of college, just like the first day of high school is scary, especially because its usually completely new territory you aren't very familiar with. Your RA can the person who shows you around campus and can give you answers to any questions you have about your new home.

2. They hold events and try to make them fun.

Some people don't know this but most RA's have to have their programs and events have an educational component. Even though that can be hard depending on the event, RA's will try to make it fun and add their own ideas so that programs can be more fun for you, their residents!

3. They can get you into your room when you lock yourself out.

RA's do much more behind the scenes than you think. When you lock your keys in your room or lose them, your RA is the one who usually has to call the locksmith to replace your lock or give you a replacement key. Kind of makes them a super hero.

4. They will be a shoulder to cry on.

It's hard moving to a new place and getting adjusted to a new environment. Your RA will be the person who checks up on you when you look a little down and is always asking how your day is. They will become someone you can go to for support when you need something.

5. They will make bulletin boards/flyers.

The job of an RA is so many different things. One of those things is making bulletin boards that are educational or have to do with something going on around campus. Your RA will also put up flyers and make other programs and events on campus known to you and fellow residents.

6. They will be there in an emergency.

Usually, every dorm has an RA on duty for the evening, in case of emergencies. This could be getting ice for someone whose fallen, dealing with a loud room, or even calling an ambulance or public safety if needed.

7. They will sort your mail.

At some universities like mine, RA's double as desk assistants working the front desk of your building, sorting mail and packages. This mean they are working not only one, but two jobs.

8. They will help mediate roommate issues.

When I was a freshman, I got into a little spiff with a girl I lived down the hall from and my RA mediated it and helped us put our differences aside and be friends. They will just do their best to keep the peace.

9. They make door decorations.

Most RA's make personalized door decs for their residents and update them every so often. This is a cute touch and a way to feel welcome and know the people living around you.

10. They will eat with you when you have no one to go with.

Shout out to my first year RA who threw house dinners and every Sunday night at 6 we would all go to the cafeteria together and eat. This not only helped me get over my anxiety of being in a new place with new people but also helped me make sure I was taking care of myself.

11. They won't get you in trouble if they don't have to.

No RA in the history of RA's wants to bust their residents, they really care about them and want them to do well. This comes down to the smallest things, like the extra noise violation warning, or not writing you up for having curtains. :)

12. They become your friend.

When you meet someone who's job is to help people in a new environment and care about people they don't know, then that is a person you want to be friends with. If you become close with your RA, stay that way, they make great friends.

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5 Huge Ways Greek Life Has Changed My Life For The Better

Greek life is about so much more than the stereotypes.


When I was looking at colleges, I wanted to go somewhere that has a very big Greek life community. I always knew that I wanted to rush and be apart of a sorority at whatever school I decided to go to. So when I decided to come to the University of Kentucky, this idea was a no brainer. I was that girl who looked up all of the sororities UK had and what each of them did for philanthropy events on and around campus. But, I never realized how much it would change my life. Here are five reasons why Greek life at the University of Kentucky has impacted me in ways I never knew it would.

1. Lifelong friends from my chapter and from others

I know, super cliché and typical of a sorority girl to say but when I say this, I'm serious. Being involved in greek life here has really helped me make friends I never expected. My Gamma Chi group (group I went through recruitment with) was my "first" group of friends here at UK and really showed me how to be a good friend and how to balance social life and academics. Even though most of us joined different chapters in the end, we're all still pretty good friends. My 2 best friends actually came from my Gamma Chi group so thank you, Gamma Chi Group 4 for Ashlynn and Maddie. Once I was actually in my chapter and ran home on bid day, I instantly connected with my new sisters. Being welcomed and accepted in a sorority of 200+ girls is honestly the best feeling. I met girls on bid day that I had no idea would even still be my friends to this day.

2. Connections and involvement in the campus community

After joining my chapter and realizing that this was actually something I was really passionate about and really enjoyed, I decided to apply for some leadership opportunities. I applied to be on Junior Panhellenic which was advertised in one of my new member meetings as a way to meet girls from different chapters and gain leadership experience. As a new member, that sounded great to me, so I applied, not expecting much. When I got an interview and was selected as a representative from my chapter, I was ecstatic.

Being involved and meeting new people in the Panhellenic community has honestly been a highlight of my freshman year so far. After getting a little taste of leadership, I decided that I wanted to run for an assistant position to a member of the executive council in my sorority and was selected as an Academic Excellence Assistant. Long story short, even if you don't think you have leadership qualities, being introduced and encouraged to be a leader, really makes all the difference.

3. Philanthropy

Yeah, it sounds obvious, philanthropy is a huge part of greek life but I never realized how big of a deal it was. My chapter's philanthropy event was super fun this past semester. I liked connecting with girls in my chapter that I didn't know very well and taking cute pictures and raising money for our philanthropy. I've also been apart of a few philanthropy events for other chapters here at UK like Bring It On which is a cheerleading competition and Greek Sing which is one of the biggest dancing philanthropy events here and have had a really good time and it's always so exciting to hear much money was raised for a certain chapter's philanthropy and how you can help people who aren't as fortunate as you are is so humbling, especially when it's doing something you enjoy doing.

4. Growth and accountability

This is something that I was really looking for in a sorority. I wanted to find a place with women who held me accountable and motivated me to be a better me for myself, not for others or for my parents or for anything except self-satisfaction. And that's what I found. There is no doubt that college is hard. It's extremely difficult and sometimes you feel like you're drowning but being around uplifting and inspiring women with amazing qualities and talents and things that are so unique that make them special, you want to find what about you makes you unique and talented. It really drives you to be a better person.

5. Being a part of something bigger than myself

I promise this is the last cliché I'll say is true (for today). Being a part of Greek life here has really made me realize what community and family is. When something goes so horribly wrong, we all band together or even when something goes great, we all band together. This community and sense of belonging are truly unlike anything else and I wouldn't trade this for the world. Being in Greek life can sometimes get difficult. People think you "pay for your friends" or you "party all the time" or you're an "airhead" or you're "fake" but that is so untrue. My sorority and Greek life as a whole have introduced me to some of the most genuine, level headed and intelligent people I have ever met. This experience is truly once in a lifetime.

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