The True Life of A Sorority Girl: Bid Day
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The True Life of A Sorority Girl: Bid Day

The sorority girl's equivalent of Christmas morning.

The True Life of A Sorority Girl: Bid Day

Finally, those two weeks of boot camp (otherwise known as 'Spirit Week') are over. You barely made it out with your sanity or your voice, but today is the day that makes all of the pain worth it. It's Bid Day. You wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready for today's Lilly printed festivities.

You somehow manage to turn the permanent circles under your eyes and two weeks of stress breakouts into something appealing.

You get to the house, trip over your wedges a couple of times, and then the grand moment happens — they read off the Bid Day buddy list. The sorority goddesses must be rewarding you for the week of step clapping, excessive chanting, and girl flirting because who was matched with your rush crush?

You push through the crowd of your sisters and frilly decorations and grab your sign with the glittery name of your Bid Day buddy adorned on it. You're trying not to brag to your pledge class that you were definitely the reason she's running home to your chapter. Who's the recruitment queen? That's right. You are.

You and your sorority squad shuffle your way out of the house and all but burst into flames as you step outside with your future littl—I mean Bid Day buddy's sign. You can already feel your perfectly contoured face starting to melt off from the blistering heat.

Wait..what was that you heard? Did someone say pictures? YAAASSSSS. You pull out that perfectly poised sorority squat and pray that this picture ends up on your sorority's Tumblr page. Did she say she was using the Nashville or Valencia filter?

Then it happens ... the moment you and your 150+ bubbly besties have been working so hard for. As magical as a Luke Bryan song to your ears, you hear the distant screams of joy and excitement, and turn around to see the stampede of bright shining new faces running towards you.

After a few chaotic minutes, you eventually see your Bid Day buddy's beaming face in the crowd of Comfort Colors shirted girls, and you run to her faster than you run to an open bar stool on Ladies Night.

Let the hugging, screaming, and optional happy crying commence.

You take her by the hand, holding it up to show off your newly caught prize to Greek Park, and drag her to take an excessive amount of pictures — all of which you have to help her perfect your chapter's hand sign. "No ... too many fingers. Cross them like this ... umm ... okay, that'll work!"

Oh, and of course someone brought the essential sorority girl photo props. Time to candidly laugh at each other and to blow some glitter at the camera, ladies.

After enough pictures to upload a #TBT for the next five years, you guide your new sister inside to show her the wonders of your chapter.

But as you step inside the house, reality slaps you in the face, much like your OmegaFi bill every month.

It dawns on you: You're responsible for entertaining this girl for the entire day. You have to be social for an entire day. You have to try and not be awkward for an entire day.

Okay. Breathe. You got this. It's just for a day, right? Act cool. You can't scare off the New Member on the first day. Just smile and be interesting.

Side note: Being interesting does not mean, bring up your cat, when there is a lull in the conversation.

So, you start rambling about how cute the cake pops are because food is interesting, right?

You realize how awkward you sound and proceed to shut yourself up by eating five of said cake pops. You're a firm believer that carbs can cure anything, including awkward conversation.

Snaps to the sorority goddesses for the second time that day, because your awkward charm is working its magic, and your Bid Day buddy not only starts stuffing her own face with cake pops, but she even goes in for some of the edible glittered brownies.

Between the conversation of how much both of your feet hurt from the week's activities and consuming enough sweets to make you actually consider going to spin class tomorrow, you come to the realization that your Bid Day buddy is indeed perfect, and it takes everything in you to not sound like an obsessive stalker.

You continue on with the day's festivities, which usually includes breaking out your best dance moves at the bid day venue ...

... Excessive selfies with your buddy. (of course you already follow each other on Instagram)

Fighting off any girls that try and steal your perfect Bid Day buddy/potential little away from you. Nope. Not happening. You caught this one yourself ...

... And like at most sorority functions, more eating ...

When all is said and done, the day is over, the glitter has settled, and the New Members are tucked away in their dorms, you jump into your bed and think about the past two weeks and the thrilling excitement of the day.

The nearly sprained ankles ...

... the lack of testosterone in your life ...

... and the two weeks of reluctantly passing by the wine aisle at Publix ...

... was so worth it — because now your chapter is just that much better. You close your tired eyes, still smudged with Naked 3 Palette shadow, and fall to sleep counting down the days until the next Bid Day.

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